I’m in the middle of finalizing a newborn session (she’s a beauty and the family was amazing) and finishing the Christmas Card session I did with my cousins.

Here’s a Lensbaby outtake from after we changed out of fancy outfits and my cousins showed me all of their latest tricks – soccer stud, skating star, and bicycling beauty. I fell in love with the blur in this shot instantly. Such a representation of how quickly they go and grow.

Check in at the other blog for some more pictures from that day.

Day After Thanksgiving 2010

I have already begun religiously sporting my Charger gear every Sunday. I love football season. It should come as no surprise.

My dearest Chargers… thank you for starting October well. Let’s not repeat September. GO BOLTS!

San Diego Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on September 19, 2010

San Diego! Super Chargers!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a picture of words worth?

Capturing Scripture

I had a very relaxing and rejuvenating weekend this weekend on a women’s retreat with my roommate’s church. Faith Community, thank you for welcoming me. You are beautiful women.

This was the perfect beginning to this Lenten season…

Also? I suspect that many of these “word” pictures will find themselves as the backdrop to many new wallpapers. Inspiration strikes. :)

It’s not that unusual
When everything is beautiful
It’s just another
Ordinary miracle today

Budding Bloom

When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
‘Cause we are all a part
Of the ordinary miracle

Use of miracle two days in a row?! Well, yes. I didn’t know I’d want to use it today when I wrote yesterday’s entry, but it’s really the perfect fit. This picture was taken on a walk during my lunch break with a remarkable, now former, coworker.

The Sarah McLachlan song lyrics seemed perfect for this picture of a flower about to bloom. I was reminded of the beauty in her lyrics during tonight’s opening ceremony for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. I’d forgotten how much I love that song until Sarah performed. The dancing was exquisite and the special effects amazing. I’ve loved every minute of the ceremony thus far. Canada really did a marvelous job. Thank you to our northern neighbors! I hope we can all be reminded of life’s daily, ordinary miracles. And now, go Team USA!

I have also cross-posted this entry at my brand new photography blog (which is also linked in the sidebar).

Nothing like a Friday night at Lestat’s…

Kenny Eng at Lestat's
Kenny Eng

Curtis Peoples at Lestat's
Curtis Peoples

Ernie Halter at Lestat's
Ernie Halter

Ernie Halter at Lestat's

When you feel
The dark inside you
And the moon and stars
Don’t lead you nowhere
Feels like no one’s
Watching up there

Let me me be
Your lighthouse
Let me guide your hand
Let me be your shelter
For you
For you I stand ~Ernie Halter, “Lighthouse”

A fantastic show… So glad I went.

Institute for Peace & Justice

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

Holy darkness,
Blessed night,
Heaven’s answer hidden from our sight.
As we await You,
O God of silence,
We embrace Your holy night.

Holy Darkness, Blessed Night

Candlelight Mass is as beautiful, emotional, and wonderful as it was when I was a student: a perfect way to start the final week of Advent.

I started wearing glasses when I was 12… maybe 13 years old. I got my glasses just a couple of weeks before the school year started, but I really only needed wear them in the classroom. My most distinct memory of those early days of glasses belongs in a classroom. I often forgot or neglected to get out my glasses because I didn’t need them until I was sitting in the back of my English class and my teacher’s handwriting in faint chalk just wasn’t distinct enough. My friend Nikki had just about the same prescription and I’d lean over and whisper, “Can I borrow your glasses for a minute?”

I’m not sure when my vision really took that turn down the path that says, “You can never go back.” I started wearing contacts in high school out of convenience. It was difficult dancing and cheering with glasses on and drove me crazy. After all, I’d only been wearing glasses sparingly for the last two years. I had (regular) problems with my contacts… losing them because they were the wrong fit, protein build up from allergies, and dry, bloodshot eyes from hours of wear. It was a small price to pay for contacts.

In the last year, my relationship with my contacts has rapidly declined. I’d put my contacts in and immediately, my eyes hurt. I couldn’t open them. They watered uncontrollably. It was frustrating and so I returned to my glasses. The glasses that were last updated my freshman year of college (six years ago). I assumed I had a cut or scratch on my eye and I wasn’t concerned. In fact, I’ve never been concerned. I waited the typical two weeks and tried the contacts again. No go. I’ve primarily worn glasses for the last year or so as a result. The contacts come out two or three times a month and for special occasions. I live with the headaches and lack of peripheral vision because I prefer it to the angry, watery eyes (and the headaches and double vision that ensue). My prescription is old and incorrect (for glasses and contacts), but it serves me well enough since I’m without insurance.

Why are we talking about this?

Alumni Christmas Mass

Since I received my LensBaby a few weeks ago, I’ve made so many personal connections to my own photography. My camera has better vision than I do. In fact, most of my cameras have had better vision. The LensBaby Composer can focus to infinity. I can’t even focus on the size of this type from a foot and a half away without glasses. I peer through the viewfinder into a blurry image and try to focus as best I can. I can usually come away with an in-focus picture: a picture that looks better on my LCD screen or computer than it did to me in real life.

Typically, I make my camera see as I don’t. I work to focus on the image and capture the moment as others might see it. It is how I’d like to see it and how I *would* see it if I had perfect vision. But now, with an SLR and manual focus lenses, I can make the camera see as I see. I can focus the image… not quite enough… and let others view the world through my eyes. With the LensBaby, this is even more prominent.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been wearing my glasses more and more often. For those of you that don’t wear glasses, they don’t make things crystal clear. Even if your prescription is right on, the image is broken and distorted by fingerprints or scratches on the lenses. The image is broken where the lenses end and the frames begin… it’s the place where the world gets blurry again. I look side to side and it’s blurry. I glance out at the scene around me, and it’s (almost) clear, but if I move my eyes, I catch both clarity and blur. Take the previous picture for example: only the middle of the tree is (pretty much) in focus. I can only focus on what is in front of me. The sides of the picture become a blur when the glasses end. Lights become bigger balls of light instead of tiny twinkles. At Christmas, you seen a lot of lights in bokeh. Without my glasses, all lights are in bokeh… like here:

Disney Bokeh

This camera… this lens… has taught me a lot about my own vision. It has helped me understand why I tend to fall in love with soft, ethereal images and colors. They see as I see.

Don’t get me wrong though… I wish that my vision was perfect, but for now, I’ll accept a different sort of clarity.

French Cuisine

For my boss’ birthday, we celebrated with a delicious, freshly prepared meal. She loves Paris and so we gave her a French-themed luncheon complete with ratatouille, beef bourguignon stew, spinach salad (with candied walnuts, red anjou pears, and gorgonzola cheese), and almond torte. Oh! Don’t forget the (not so French) Turkish baklava. YUM. Throw in some virgin mimosas and call it perfection. We had a blast cooking with our other boss who went to culinary school.

I love watching the Chargers win. I especially love watching them win with my family and AT the game. What a wonderful conclusion to a WAY too short Thanksgiving holiday. I cannot give thanks for a long weekend as many can and did, but I can give thanks for time well spent.

Game Day 11.29.09


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