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TGIF: Thankful Fridays

In the spirit of TGIF, Fridays are being deemed “Thankful Fridays.” And just as I was stumped yesterday, despite having a theme, I found myself stumped yet again. I mean, I’m thankful for a lot of things and I try to be aware of that thankfulness as well as share that thankfulness regularly. So, how does decide which to write about? Does choosing to write about our thankfulness devalue other things we are thankful for? These questions scurried through my mind as I tried to pick something.

My inspiration today came not from a phone that hit me like a ton of bricks… but from a slab of concrete that hit me like a… slab of concrete. Let me back track a moment for you.

On Tuesday, I had the good fortune of an afternoon off. For that I was and am thankful as it afforded me the opportunity (and money necessary) to get the air filter and oil changed in my car and the tubes changed on my bike tires. My bike is several years old. I don’t remember how old I was when I got it, but it was while I lived in Santa Paula. As such, it is at least 10 years old and could be up to 12 years old. The tubes were the original tubes. They were dead. They did not hold air anymore. These new tubes in my tires… tires that were actual FULL of air… THEY were a blessing! Now I can ride my bike to work again… now I can go on bike rides JUST BECAUSE. For that I was and am thankful.

Today, I woke up late and did not get ready quickly enough to ride my bike to work. I was sad and felt incredibly lazy as a result. So, I planned and mapped out a route that totaled 4 miles (distance to and from work) that included Whole Foods (a store I needed to visit) on the route. Simple enough, right? Right. I came home, changed out of my work clothes, and set off on my bike ride. I stopped into Whole Foods and continued on my journey. As I neared the end, I couldn’t remember which street I needed to turn on next per my 4.0 mile route… so I pulled out the paper for a quick glance at the street names.

This is where I went wrong. Apparently, I altered my weight just enough to completely throw off the balance and I started zooming toward the curb (better than into the cars, right? RIGHT.). I tried to correct the problem. I tried desperately to avoid hitting the curb, but there was no hope. I was doomed and I braced myself.

That’s when my inspiration hit me like a slab of concrete… cold, hard sidewalk concrete. I caught myself on my hands mostly and my left wrist is a little sore. My knees are a little red and probably bruised, but nothing too terrible. An older gentleman pulled over to check and see if I was alright; I thanked him and assured him I was just fine. I was just fine. I could have hit my head. I could have broken a bone (and without health insurance that would certainly be a tragedy). I could have thrown off my balance in the other direction and hit a car instead of a curb. Yes, it could have been much worse.

I am thankful that I can ride my bike again; I’m more thankful tonight that even though I felt like a seven year old who crashed her bike… or possibly the five year old me who ripped out her stitches when she fell on her bike… I was okay. No, I didn’t finish my bike ride though. I decided against the last half mile and rode home instead (as I crashed only around the corner from my apartment). My injuries were minimal and my bike was fine. I’m also thankful that my roommates gave me a hard time about considering not wearing my helmet because I didn’t want to change my hairstyle.

Tonight, I am thankful. Very thankful.


One thought on “TGIF: Thankful Fridays

  1. Ouch! I’m so thankful you are okay too! I remember crashing my bike the morning I got it. Into a mailbox. Yeah, I was definitely like, 13 when it happened. Luckily Daddy was there to catch me before I completely ate it. How nice of that gentleman to stop and check on you. Our neighborhood is lovely, absolutely lovely. SO glad you got away with only a little soreness and a few bruises.

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