Team In Training

Manners and Lessons Learned

Monday Manners.

Where do I even begin this Monday? Let’s talk Tri-Etiquette as I’m learning more and more everyday.

In a triathlon event, it is not only poor etiquette but also illegal to draft… that is to cluster and get within 7m of another cyclist. It may save you 20% in energy, but it’ll cost you in penalties. Meanwhile, in the open water swim… completely legal to get close to the other swimmers and bank on their work for your energy.

At the pool, there are lanes within the lanes. We don’t want anyone kicked.

Other Non-Mannered Lessons Learned:

Sunscreen is your best friend. Wear it. It doesn’t matter how long you think your workout is going to be, WEAR the sunscreen. Seriously.

Nothing new on race day… train with the theory of specificity.

Be a rocket.

Go with the current.

How to put on a swim cap… and how to choose the right pair of goggles.

Bike shorts feel a little like a diaper or how I imagine a diaper would feel like if I could remember back to the days of diapers.

People will surprise you.

Emails rock… THANK YOU.


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