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Saturday Training

So much for my literary endeavor? Haha, it’s there… it’s just not as exciting to write about when I have all this fun training stuff to reflect on and share.

I’ve now completed my first week of training! Wow! This week went by SO quickly and I can hardly believe where I was last week and where I am this week. I’ve had two swim practices, two run practices, and a bike practice.

I’ve learned how to put on a swim cap and purchase proper goggles. I’ve learned proper breathing techniques and Robbie’s coaching system. I learned rotation and rediscovered old muscles in the pool. I swam lengths upon lengths until I lost count. It took a long minute to swim 50 yards, but it’s only the first week.

I’ve learned that warm ups on a track run opposite race/work outs. I’ve learned that layers are amazing and so is sunscreen. I learned that “be prepared” is not just a Girl Scouts motto. I ran several laps at the track and ran a mile in less time than I have since … probably middle school. Didn’t even know I could do that! It’s not a great time (11:53), but I’m proud of it and eager to see where I am when we do the 2 mile time trial halfway through the training. I’m excited to “learn” to run… and hopefully to enjoy it.

I’ve learned how to ride a road bike, but I’ve yet to master it one-handed. I’ve learned how to slip into the cages, but still don’t quite have the take off under pressure. I’ve learned to shift, but am still getting used to which is up and which is down and how in the world to tell when to do it. I’ve learned that bike shorts are AMAZING, but they are not a cure all and bike saddles will NEVER be comfortable. I’ve learned to prep for bumps. I’ve got an idea on how to change a tire and know how to remove my front wheel.

I’ve learned that gradual means I’m not ridiculously sore, but occasionally achy. I’ve learned that my car is pretty much going to be a tri car from now until September. I’ve learned that I still have a knack for the quick change in the car. I’ve learned that all day at work and then long work outs make for a tired me. I’ve learned that these people I’m surrounded by for training are pretty fantastic and I cannot wait to get to know them better.

I’ve learned a lot in the last week. I’ve done a lot in the last week. Now to finish the fundraising letters…


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