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What a week!

So, I promised another post soon… sorry it wasn’t sooner!

It has been an incredible week! Let’s dip into the training aspect first…

Last week, I swam 2900 yards! I swam 1450 on both Monday and Wednesday. It was rough and Robbie has us working on lengthening our strokes so that we can be more distance efficient. Good idea, right? Right. It is so hard for me though. I keep counting my strokes, but I can’t seem to get across the pool in under 30 lengths consistently. And he wants us under 25! Egads! There is much work to be done. I’m aiming to get more yards in tonight at the pool: more distance, less time, same energy. That’s the plan. However, I just looked at Coach Robbie’s workout for tonight and it looks like a doozy. Push-ups and swimming with tennis balls and sticks? I’ll keep you posted on how this works out for me.

On the run front, track practice was definitely more intense this week. We did 1000 meters five times with only a quick 200 meter walk break in between sets. It didn’t feel much more difficult during the workout, but boy did I feel it on Wednesday! I was *so* sore and still had a short bike workout at Fiesta Island with Penny and a couple of the girls, PLUS swim! I managed though and felt better on Thursday. Yesterday, our Tour d’Trail was at San Elijo Lagoon in Solana Beach. It was beautiful, but I didn’t anticipate the allergies kicking up and I should have. Trails have plants, bushes, flowers, and all sorts of dust and pollen goodness (but no poison oak! yay!) to irritate my sinuses. Lame. I ended up walking most of it (partly because of the allergies and partly because I was so sore from the day before). It was a brisk near-four miles though.

Cycling kicked my butt this week. Our short four mile ride on Wednesday before swim was nice and not so difficult, but Saturday… Saturday was an adventure. On Saturday morning, the team met at UCSD for a tire changing clinic and bike ride at Torrey Pines. The tire changing clinic was messy at times, but really good. I can successfully remove both front and back tires (and put them back). On Wednesday, Penny taught me how to change my tire because mine was flat… so I sped right through the tire changing on Saturday: remove the tire, loosen the bead, pull out the tube, replace the tube, secure the tire to the rim, air, and put the tire back on the bike. Whoo! That’s a lot to remember! But I did it and it was great. I’m definitely prepared if I get another flat.

The ride… that was NOT so easy. We went down inside Torrey Pines. Extremely steep and curvy, with a plethora of obstacles (ranging from cracks in the sidewalk to dogs on long leashes), this hill is NOT to be taken lightly. I pulsed my breaks the entire way down to keep from building too much speed and my hands were cramping by the end. As for the uphill, I’d gotten a tip from a former TNTer who was a guest in the museum to just chant, “I love hills.” Bill’s advice got me up that hill. I just kept chanting. “I love hills, I love hills, I love hills…” turned to “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…” and back again. At one point I caught my shoelace in my chain, but managed to not fall over. It was rough, even in my granny gear, I did not know HOW I was ever going to reach the top. But I did! Then, I fell over.

Yes, as I came to a stop at the top of the hill… where my teammates, mentor Brian, and coach waited for me, I just didn’t catch the ground at the right spot and fell over. I have a fun scratch/scab on my knee and a couple of bruises, but that’s okay. So, did I call it a day? No. I did it again. Once more I struggled up Torrey Pines, even running into a sign, for the 1.6 mile incline. It took my about 17 minutes to get up the hill the second time and I called it a day after that and road the mile or so back to UCSD. I took a couple of dance classes that afternoon before a nice long shower and nap at home.

So, yes, this was quite a week for training! Hills and distance! Wow!


On the fundraising front, if you go to my site you’ll see that I’m 65% to my recommitment goal (which is 25% of my total… so $1125 of $4500) that’s due by June 26th. The amazing part is that after all of the checks I’ve received in the last week… I actually hit and surpassed that 25% last Thursday!! THANK YOU to all those who have already donated!! You are AMAZING! (To all those that haven’t? There’s a button in the sidebar whenever you’re ready… I’d really appreciate a donation, any amount will help!) Those donations are currently en route to Paycor and will hopefully show up soon. I still have a LONG way to go, but I’m so excited to hit that first marker. I really want to hit at least 50% by July 7th (which will be exactly two months after I joined TNT). The sooner I hit my fundraising goal the better… I don’t want to have to worry or stress over it when the triathlon gets closer.


One thought on “What a week!

  1. Swimming with tennis balls and sticks? Definitely want to hear how that went. I’m guessing the tennis balls were to work on arm strength since I’m fairly certain they float and would provide a lot of resistance? But sticks? Haha, sounds fun. And great job doing Torrey Pines, you are SO a better person than me…I think I might have just died right then and there…

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