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It’s amazing how scent can take you right back to a specific moment in time. For the first time in… probably seven years… I applied Bengay to my sore aching muscles. I’ve certainly been sore since cheer camp, but not for days on end… and not for days on end when I knew that I just had to keep going and my muscles weren’t going to get any breaks. So today, given that my muscles have been sore since Saturday, I purchased Bengay. I applied it and the smell, which I happen to love, took me straight back to cheer camp. I can see myself sitting in the dorm room at UCSB and applying Bengay like every other girl around me. I can feel the relief. I can remember the smell penetrating the walls and the clothes as you walked by girls in the hallways. Even the drive home in Krystal’s suburban carried traces of the Bengay scent… wow. That was fun.

Buena Cheer Circa 2000


2 thoughts on “Bengay

  1. Scent memory is incredible, never fails to amaze me. I’ve never used Bengay before, sounds like it was helpful.

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