Faith · My People

The Eve Of

Tomorrow morning, we’ll go the funeral parlor. We’ll sit with my grandma as people pay their respects to my grandpa. We’ll go the church and have Mass.

My heart hurts… it misses my grandpa and it desperately seeks comfort. It hurts for my family and their pain–the pain of losing husband, father, grandfather, uncle, great-grandfather. My mom considered my grandpa to be more than her father-in-law. She knew him longer than she knew her own father and her heart seems to be breaking as it did when she buried her father… just days shy of her 12th birthday.

I’ve spent the last week laboring over a dvd slideshow… the perfect pictures, perfect order, perfect songs, perfect everything… it’s as good as it’s going to get. I pray that it will remind my family of the joy Grandpa brought to our lives and all of the good times. I pray that it will remind them that he would want those good times to continue. We told him we’d be alright.

I hope we will be.


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