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What a ride!

My first ride back with the team was a “recovery ride” today. Most of my team ran in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July 10k yesterday (I was working), so we had an “easy” coastal ride today. I thought to myself, great! An easy ride is just what I needed because I haven’t been on a long ride for awhile. Perfect timing for some “recovery.”

My “easy ride” today was 31.2 miles long! My longest distance yet!


We started at Fletcher Cover in Solana Beach at the base of Lomas Santa Fe and rode up Old Hwy 101. As it was a recovery ride, we had sections mapped out for us to show us how far we’d gone so that we could choose for ourselves how far we wanted to go. Some of my teammates turned around at Cannon (Point D) which made their ride nearly 22 miles round trip. I continued on into Carlsbad though.

That last section, approx. 12 miles round trip, was significantly tougher than 22 mile Old Hwy 101 section. For one thing, once I started up Cannon toward Faraday, the burn off from the coast fog occurred almost instantly and the heat went far too quickly. Plus, as soon as I started going inland, the hills started to quick my butt. Rolling hills that lasted much longer than the ones along the coastline gave me some difficulty, but I was proud of myself for continuing on.

View of the hills
View of the hills

You’ll notice I turned around at Palomar Airport… the actual ride could have been a couple miles longer, but at this point I’d been riding alone for about 6 miles or so and hadn’t seen another teammate. I wasn’t entirely sure I was headed in the right direction and decided to turn around and head back up College. As it turns out, I was only 1.1 miles away from the end destination and my teammates that did go to the end caught up with me on Faraday. I breathed a sigh of relief to not be riding solo anymore; it’s much more fun with friends!

Lessons Learned Today?

Spray sunscreen at the end of its life is not the most helpful. I only pinked a little on the arms though, so that’s good. Unfortunately, it seems I either forgot the back entirely or there was no sunscreen left at that point, but either way… I have the cutest singlet sunburn on my back ever. Haha. Right.

Also, sunscreen stick in a bento bag (and a bento bag in general) could prove to be useful. My nose is burnt and that DEFINITELY got sunscreened. I’m thinking that I probably wiped the sunscreen off at some point while wiping away sweat or extra water from when I poured water onto my head through my helmet.

Which brings me to the third thing, water through the helmet is amazing when you’re hot.

I tried pedaling out of the saddle today… my balance is improving! It needs practice, but it was a proud moment.

SAG (Support & Gear) vehicles are amazing and gave my legs a nice break.

I had gels for the first time today. I’m still not entirely convinced that I’ll be able to do it WHILE riding, but at least now I’ve had some experience with them.

Lastly, I DID IT! It was so encouraging to go OVER 25 miles today because the total miles for the tri is about 25. It was a great affirmation to accomplish this (and in around 3 hrs, possibly less) to know that come race day, I’ll definitely be able to do it!

So, what’s next?

Today, I turned in re-commitment papers… it was the final step in committing to raising $4500 and completing this triathlon. I turned in my race registration form too.

Tomorrow, we’ll run at Lake Hodges in Escondido, in preparation for next Saturday’s brick workout… and during the week? THREE swims, including our first ocean swim! I’m so excited! (I’ll be more excited if my wetsuit gets here in time.) I’m pretty sure we still have our regular Tuesday track practice too.

The Ride Before the Run
The Ride Before the Run

Next week’s bike ride will start at Fletcher Cove and finish at Lake Hodges, then we’ll run a minimum of three miles before riding back down to the beach. Pray for cool weather… because a 12 mile incline won’t be pleasant (and it’ll be even worse in hot weather).

Check back in again soon… and GO TEAM!


One thought on “31.2!

  1. Wow, just reading that made me tired! Great job friend, that’s truly impressive! You are going to kick butt in the triathlon, I know it. 😉 Have fun at Lake Hodges tomorrow, it’s a beautiful spot!

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