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Looped Brick

Today’s brick workout consisted of a the ups and downs of the Palomar Airport Business Park. Four mile ride, one mile run, multiple by four or six and that’s that.

Oh! If only it were that easy…

Today’s workout didn’t workout for me. As it turns out, the people at the blood center aren’t lying when they say “wait 24 hours before you exercise.” I thought I’d be fine as it’d been over 22 hours, I’d eaten several meals, hydrated plenty, etc… but I wasn’t fine. My energy levels were at about 2 after only a few minutes on the first major uphill of the course. By the time I was reaching the end of the last uphill, I felt like I was getting woozy and I was relatively certainly those black spots I saw didn’t really exist.

I transitioned to the “run,” but I walked the course with an injured teammate and took a gel in an effort to boost my energy. When we returned to the transition area, I called it quits for the time being and hung out with my coordinator at the aid station. I drank more fluids and rested. I learned that post-donation, meat is one of the best things to have because the fast-absorbing iron replenished your energy faster. Oops, I was good with the heavy, filling meals (I even carb-loaded with a pasta dinner last night!), but I neglected the protein/meat category.

I did one more cycle loop at the end of the workout with my coach. My energy levels were significantly better and I didn’t get woozy at all, but last week’s knee twinge came back with a vengeance. This week will be spent icing, hoping, resting, and preparing for Saturday.

We’re returning to Del Dios Hwy… gulp! This time, we’re starting at the lake and doing the FULL bike course before the run… gulp!!! Pray for my knee!


One thought on “Looped Brick

  1. You are on fire girl! Seriously, I’m crazy impressed and really really proud of you. I hope your knee does better this weekend. Let me know if you want it taped…preemptive for the weekend. I can do it Saturday morning if you want. You won’t notice the tape, and gives you enough extra support that you won’t need a cumbersome knee brace.

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