Team In Training

Full Transition Shakedown!

Okay, so, I’m just going to continue moving back in time until I have the blog all caught up…

On Saturday, we had our FULL TRANSITION SHAKEDOWN! Wow! What a feat!

It was incredible and so eye-opening for race day!! Look at all these exclamation marks, can you tell I’m excited? Race day is less than four weeks away, where did the time go???

Back to Saturday, we arrived at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas [the site of some of the biggest triathlon moments in history] at 6:45am where we set up our transition areas and listened as Coach Gurujan reminded us that we were following in the steps of greatness and that where we stood was “holy ground” in the triathlon world. Apparently, if you tell triathletes around the world that you had a practice tri at Moonlight Beach or ride Fiesta Island they will “worship at your feet.” Haha, but seriously, it was pretty incredible to hear the stories that Coach told and also very inspiring.

Just as inspiring was Jenny’s Mission Moment about her dad who died of a sarcoma her sophomore year of college. Jenny’s an alum and this is her fourth event with Team In Training. While her dad didn’t die from a blood cancer, she feels that this is a way that she can honor her dad and work towards a cure. One of the things that inspires each of us is knowing that sometimes the drugs and research for one cancer can help combat another. That is a great thing, truly.

On with the practice! First, we watched our mentors and assistant coach (Brian, Emily, Penny, and Robbie) do surf entry, swim out about 50m, then swim back and surf exit. Then, they ran up to the transition area where Emily and Brian were in a full race. She hopped on her bike at the mount line and slipped her feet into her bike shoes without socks. Brian didn’t have his shoes on his bike, plus he wore socks… so his transition was a little slower. Meanwhile, Robbie and Penny also made their way up to the transition area and transitioned to the bike.

After completing the bike portion, they transitioned to the run and sprinted out the demo. Crazy!! And then, IT WAS OUR TURN! Ready, set, GO TEAM!

I swam out and around our mentors and Coach Robbie and boy! I have never done a surf entry with THAT MUCH SURF… it was a whole lot more difficult than La Jolla Shores. Then, I ran up the ramp to the transition area where my gear was waiting… I pulled off my wetsuit (so hard!) and pulled out my water bottle and rinsed (most of) the sand off my feet before I slipped my socks and shoes on. Slipping socks onto wet feet is not my favorite thing in the world, but better than I expected it’d be. Now, as my personal bank account doesn’t have the wiggle room, I’m using cages on my pedals and regular running shoes on the bike. I’m also using *real* laces… so my transition from bike to run is pretty slow. Luckily, after the bike, all I had to do was hop off the bike, grab my water bottle and hat and take off… one of the fastest transition times because I didn’t have to change shoes! Woo hoo!

Now, we only did a very short distance as the goal was to practice transitions and not distance on Saturday. However, because it was all so quick, it was very high intensity and boy was I exhausted when I crossed the finish line! I’m interested to see how the practice tri will go in a couple of weeks. Running (walking?) that short distance of a half mile or so wasn’t bad with wet socks, but we’ll see if that changes and the distance increases.

We did all of this one more time (actually, we ditched the wetsuits the second time around) before the team headed out on a 20 mile bike ride. I had to skip the bike ride on Saturday to go work at the Qualcomm company picnic with Picnic People who gave me $10 an hour toward my fundraising. It wasn’t the best way to fundraise, but every little bit helps and I’m grateful for their generosity.

And *that* was Saturday… 5:30am to 8:15pm… BUSY! Haha, and so it goes.

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