Team In Training

Now, even FARTHER BACK… Coronado, the Spirit Award, and More!

Here we go again, another trip down memory lane… last weekend!

Saturday, August 9, 2008, was another early (well, earlier) morning at Coronado Island for a 30 mile time trial and 3 mile run!! Oy!

The cool thing about the Coronado ride was that it was FLAT (virtually flat… no big hills) and had a major headwind in, well, *every* direction. We did two loops (out and back on Silver Stand twice) and practiced our bottle exchange. Bottle exchanges have a high incidence of injuries, so practice was imperative.

I was very sore coming off the bike, so the first mile or so of the run was more of a walking recovery. All in all though, success! My speed wasn’t too great, but I was proud of me.


Spirit Award, you say? That’s right! On Saturday morning, before the 30 mile time trial, I was given the Spirit Award for the week! We have a hat that gets passed from teammate to teammate each week and on August 9th, that hat was mine! I felt so honored and wore it proudly while Amy and I fundraised at Qualcomm before the Chargers vs Cowboys pre-season game. We each decorate the hat too, adding something each week as our “signature” before passing the hat along. I added a thought bubble with the number 90 in it… it is 90% mental after all.

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