Team In Training

The “Little” Workouts

Each week is more than just the “big” Saturday workouts… but I seem to have gotten into a routine of only blogging about those big workouts.

I still swim twice a week… pool swims on Wednesday and ocean swims on Friday. Last Friday, I swam nearly a mile in an hour and on Wednesday in the pool I swam just over race distance in less than 55 minutes… sweet! Now, that was a pool swim, so obviously the ocean is very different. I’ve heard that the colder water helps you swim faster though and boy! The water in Pacific Grove right now sure is cold… 54 degrees fahrenheit! Yikes! So, I should go faster there (if even just to get out of the water, haha).

This past Tuesday’s track practice was great too! We did Pat’s Speed Workout, named for the fastest TNT triathlete, and that was so much fun. It was hard, but I felt great afterwards. We ran 300m hard and had a minute to finish the other 100m and recover before doing it again (and again). After the 300/100 set three times, we ran 800m at our training pace. Then we had a 2 minute rest before doing it again. We did this three times and I improved my time by 25 seconds on the last set! Woo!

We also still have our Tour d’Trail runs on Sunday mornings and last week’s trip up Iron Mountain was HARD WORK. It was less a run and more an incredibly intense, steep, nature hike. Yikes. My “I rode 33 miles (including warmup) and ran 3 miles” body did not appreciate it. It was a preview of next week’s brick workout… the hardest of them all! Hwy 67 out to Ramona, down to Lakeside, and back for a run up Iron Mountain. Wow. That’ll be fun.

Now, we’re caught up. Phew!


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