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Under 24 Hours!

Hello friends!

I’m borrowing one of my teammate’s computers here at the hotel in Monterey. We’ve got less than 24 hours before the race starts! Incredible!

We arrived in San Jose yesterday morning just before 8am. It was rather eery flying on September 11th. We took a moment of silence at the exact minute that the first plane crashed into the first tower and the airport highlighted the new TSA uniforms. The flight was swift and I was much more awake than I anticipated I’d be at that hour.

The drive from the airport was pretty good too. Our hotel is nice, but on the outskirts of Monterey. We had a nice walk into downtown yesterday to have lunch at a little British pub and enjoy the sights. Monterey is so beautiful, I can’t wait to share the pictures with you! 

Our bikes and bags arrived at about 5pm last night and then we went on a quick course preview. I’m so excited about this run and bike… it’s beautiful and almost completely flat! I was able to bike in my big chain ring nearly the entire time and it didn’t even feel like much work, even though we went 15 miles. It definitely gives me hope for the race and going quickly. Some of my teammate’s did the polar bear swim last night and said the water “wasn’t that bad,” so we’ll see. Haha. Right.

The swim is going to be super congested with kelp, but the water was SO smooth. We’re previewing the swim today… in just about an hour or so. We also have the expo today and the pasta dinner. I’m really excited for all of it and trying to absorb every part of this experience. We decorated our singlets last night and I just need to add a few final touches to mine today to finish it. I’m excited to honor all those that you have shared with me and all those that have touched my life.

That’s all for now… If I get a chance to borrow the internet again, I’ll update. Think of us tomorrow morning while we’re racing and check back soon for an update!

2 thoughts on “Under 24 Hours!

  1. So, I know I’m a little after the fact, but I’m SOOOOO proud of you! And I loved getting the race updates by text. It made me feel like I was almost there. Love you friend! I’m SOOOOOOO proud of you for doing this. You are amazing.

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