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I’ll get to the race, I promise. But first…

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and I raced on Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, so I wanted to share some of the videos that I’ve discovered from some of the blogs that I read (many of which are linked there at the side).

Ellie Skees’ mom Sarah posted the following video here:

The little boy Max, at the end of the video, is from San Diego. His parents blog here. In the last nine months, both Ellie and Max passed away from neuroblastoma.

Courtney’s mom posted a number of childhood cancer facts and ways to help here. A couple of the items mentioned include:

On average,

1 in every 4 elementary schools has a student with cancer

Every high school in the United States has two students who are current or former cancer patients

She also recommends doing something… like eating at participating Chili’s on September 29th or donating to CureSearch. You can donate to CureSearch every time to search though by utilizing GoodSearch instead of Google and setting it up to donate a penny with every search.

Serenity’s parents posted Complete The Cure at their post here. By simply watching the videos, money will be donated to childhood cancer research.

A simple YouTube search will provide you with a myriad of videos… some by parents and loved ones and others by organizations.

In closing tonight, Sarah Beth by Rascal Flatts:

God bless you all… thank you and spread the word. I promise to race update soon, I’m still searching for the right words.


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