I received the following email today from Courtney’s mom and wanted to pass the information along. I registered back in May and keep my donor card with me all the time. I may never get a call asking me to be a bone marrow donor, but I may get one a month from now or a year from now. By registering, I’ve given myself the opportunity to help if I’m needed and I’ve given others the opportunity to call if they need me. Registering is quick and painless. I strongly encourage everyone that visits this page to consider becoming a donor, you will make a difference my registering and could even save a person’s life.

Hey Everyone – September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!!

Do something great to make a difference – YOU could save someone’s life!!!

Register Free for the Bone Marrow Registry

This must be done Immediately… The offer is only good until September 22, or the funds run out…The cost to register is usually $52.

If you are not on the National Bone Marrow Registry PLEASE consider registering for FREE through NASCAR.
They are sponsoring a Bone Marrow Drive so the cost is NOTHING to you.
Go to www.marrow.org click on NASCAR drive, click on join online, answer a few questions and possibly save someone’s life.
NO BLOOD WORK IS INVOLVED, they will send you a cheek swabbing kit to send back FREE.