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It’s Election Day 2008…

And you can vote however you’d like, just ask these kids that are all over YouTube:

While I certainly hope that my candidate wins, I don’t plan on campaigning here for that person. (In fact, I’d prefer a landslide so that I don’t have to go to bed unsure of the outcome. I know it’s unlikely given how the polls are constantly up and down and super close between McCain and Obama, but I can hope.) Honestly, I hope that most people know who they’ll be voting for in the next few hours already. I hope that people have educated themselves on the candidates, the issues, the propositions, and the measures because even though it’s a lot of work, it’s a privilege. We are blessed to be able to vote and it’s our duty to vote.

P.S. Take a coloring book, sudoku, crossword, etc… with you to the polls. There will be some long lines (hopefully).


One thought on “It’s Election Day 2008…

  1. i think i need to print out your post and take it to my junior high history students…”I DON’T PLAN ON CAMPAINING HERE…I HOPE THAT PEOPLE HAVE EDUCATED THEMSELVES…WE ARE BLESSED TO BE ABLE TO VOTE.”

    you said in a nutshell what i have been trying to teach them for WEEKS!!!


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