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You’ll Be In My Heart

“It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.”

In these times of economic uncertainty (listen to me, I sound like I’ve done this before… ha!), it’s easy to start stressing about every dime we spend. We look to our pockets for comfort that we can pay for next month’s rent, gas, food, and other bills and necessities. We look to our pockets for comfort that we can still play and enjoy as well. Take that trip, buy that movie, or go to dinner with that friend. I know that I’ve found myself preoccupied with my income on more than one occasion and will likely return to that place often.

However, this past Thanksgiving, most of us probably gave thanks… not just for the roof over our heads or the food on our table… but for the people standing around the table with us and those that were invited, but could not attend. My grandpa had and continues to have a standing invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without him there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it in person this year… and he won’t be able to make it ever again. He’s busy having Thanksgiving with the King. Still, the love in our hearts swells for him. Our dear Grandpa. We give thanks for the love he gave to us and the love he taught us.

Each of us probably gave thanks for the people in your lives and the friendships and relationships with those that matter most to you. As we continue to move through the holiday season and into a new year, let us not focus to closely on our pockets, but our hearts.


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