A Glimpse

“All I have to go on is something I glimpse out of the corner of my eye.” -John Updike

I had a teacher in middle school that required we memorize twenty-five quotations. This was one of them. Since I was a thirteen-year-old girl, navigating the roads of poetry and prose, I have remembered these words. Writing at observation essay of the sunrise, the glimpses led me through the many paragraphs. Wind blew through the trees. Hair rose on my arms in the predawn light.

Even still, the glimpses make their way into my vocabulary and my writing. They emerge on the two inch LCD screen of my digital camera. They work their way into my paint brush and the creation of picture frames, boxes, and other little mementos.

John Updike helped me to understand the importance in those glimpses and understand that they could be created into something bigger. I am so thankful.

Rest in peace Mr. Updike… you will not be forgotten. You are much more than a glimpse.


3 thoughts on “A Glimpse

  1. Beautiful words and tribute. I didn’t read John Updike until last year when I read his sports essay on Ted Williams’ last game “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu”. You don’t have to be a sports fan to appreciate his prose and his detail describing the final day of one of the greatest sportsmen ever.

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