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Paul’s Memorial — Saturday, March 14th

It is both humbling and devastating to see the stats of how many people have stumbled upon this blog in search of information about their friends. I saw it when JD passed away in August… and I still get hits from people looking for him even now. And this morning when I woke, I was blown away by how many people have visited since I wrote my simple goodbyes yesterday afternoon (and EVEN MORE since I started writing this).

Paul was definitely loved and cared for individual… I knew it before and now I can see it in the numbers. His brother posted an event on Facebook for the memorial next Saturday, so I thought I would pass that information along here since so many have reached my site and the event doesn’t seem to come up with a Google search.

Memorial for Paul Johnsonbaugh
Saturday, March 14, 2009
11am – 3pm
Ventura Missionary Church
500 High Point
Ventura, CA 93003

Let us both surround his family with our love and show our love for our friend in whatever ways we’re able… be it attending or simply lighting a candle in his memory.

I still can’t believe he’s gone.

ETA: Updated to add a link to the obituary in the Ventura County Star; there is also a guestbook there to sign. I encourage those of you who have left comments here to also share your words with his family (though be sure that I will pass along your comments as well).


5 thoughts on “Paul’s Memorial — Saturday, March 14th

  1. Paul was my student at Buena High School. We teased each other mercilessly about USC vs. a “good college”. He brightened each day and brought energy, tenacity and fun to the study of American History. The news of his passing is devastating to those left behind.

  2. It is Sunday and I still can’t believe that Paul Johnsonbaugh is gone. One of my favorite neighbors who moved ’round the corner, still in the ‘hood. Good times at the beach, watching you and all the kids play street hockey, creative Halloween costumes. . .I watched grow up. Rest in the Lord’s arms now Paul, you are home my friend.

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