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Love remains the same.

Words of love poured out in that church today. Story after story of Paul’s character, his life, and his love. Paul was truly special to each of us and he made each person feel like they were blessings in his life as well. “He had heart,” said an old coach. “That smile,” said another. Genuine. Love. Family. Sincere. Stubborn. Pride. HEART. A handful of words that only begin to sum up the man that we remembered today. The two pastors that spoke brought peace to this sadness and the two songs were wonderful. It was certainly wonderful to have our old high school principal sing “Amazing Grace.” The slideshow… pictures certainly are worth a thousand words. Tears flowed freely in that packed church… tears of missing, longing, dreaming, and remembering.

We *will* remember you Paul, your life and legacy will remain with us always. We knew how much you cared for us; you never left room for doubt there. Go big or go home. We’ll do our best and we know you’ll be watching us. And our love? It will remain the same. Rest in peace Paul, we miss you so much. 

You’ll find better love
Strong as it ever was 
Deep as the river runs
Warm as the morning sun 
Please remember me 


2 thoughts on “Love remains the same.

  1. Beautiful tribute friend. It sounds like it was a beautiful if heartbreaking ceremony. I’m so sorry that you had to say goodbye to yet another friend. Love to you and your brother and family. ::hugs::

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