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A twilight with just me and my camera…

I introduced my still nameless new camera to my alma mater this evening. This is one of my better shots this evening.

Beyond Camino

This is not one of the better photos of the evening, but it is one of the most meaningful and still has a hint of “interesting.” I need to work on that LensBaby focus. Difficult that one… but I love learning more about my camera and having to manually shoot everything. I love how the star aperture came out in this one.

as long as You are watching over me

If you click either of the pictures, it’ll take you to my flickr and you can see other pictures from this evening. I don’t promise anything spectacular. I’m still learning after all.

5 thoughts on “A twilight with just me and my camera…

    1. Thanks. The images could definitely be better, but a handful of decent shots with the LensBaby is still exciting for me. I love the blur (particularly with shaped apertures) and the select focus. I just need to practice more so that I can really nail the focus on the parts that should be focused (and reduce the grain).

      It was great walking around on campus tonight.

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