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Ready The Way

I love Advent. I love the weeks of preparation for Christmas… listening to music, writing cards, decorating. I’ve used the same Christmas tree since I moved to San Diego six years ago for my first year of college. In my current apartment, one of my roommates supplied the Advent wreath as I had the tree and a small nativity scene. We bought stockings together. One of my roommate’s moved away at the beginning of September for a new job. She was the one with the Advent wreath. So today, I went to Michael’s and bought the supplies to fashion my own Advent wreath. For under $10, I have a beautiful wreath that will last a lifetime (benefit of fake greens!). The candle holders are gorgeous and I super glued purple and pink ribbon to them. I like the ribbon, but I may commission my dad to paint the glass holders for future years. The wreath is plain, so I may eventually dress it up. Right now though, I love it. I love the flickering light of the first two purple candles and all that it symbolizes.

Advent: Week 2

Ready the way,
Ready the way,
Ready the way of the Lord.


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