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A Glimpse of Me

Beyond Snapshots challenged their readers to get IN FRONT of the camera… be IN the picture. I’m always the one behind the camera and NEVER in the picture. I’m usually pretty happy with the situation, but then get kind of bummed when I don’t have pictures of me with the people I love (especially when I’m going through gift ideas). I did a decent job at Christmas this year and took a ton of silly ornament reflection pictures with my younger cousins.

I still need to practice getting in the pictures more (and accepting me in the pictures more…). This time though, I’ll have to settle using an older picture for the post. My computer is visiting the manufacturer and I have no way to upload current pictures.

This is a reflection of me in my father’s sunglasses almost three years ago. I was playing around and taking pictures with my old Sony P&S while the professional photographer my aunt hired was taking pictures of my extended family. I love this picture.

Reflected in His Eyes


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