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Just Begun

This road is anything but simple
Twisted like a riddle
I’ve seen high, and I’ve seen low

So loud, the voices over my doubts
Are telling me to give up
To pack up, and leave town

But even so I had to believe, oh
Impossible means nothing to me

So can you lift me up
And turn the ashes into flames
Cause I have overcome
More than words will ever say

Solitary Bloom By Breanne Leach Photography

Throughout this post, I’ll feature different parts of “Lift Me Up” by Kate Voegele. I love the lyrics and the song itself is beautiful. It also feels like the perfect companion to this post. Let me start at the beginning…

Two months ago, my best friend put a bug in my ear. Not a real bug like the kind that were likely in the vicinity of these flowers, but a metaphorical bug. An “I-think-you-can/should-do-this” bug. I laughed it off. Me? Do THAT?! No way. Not possible.

But then, the idea was planted. I’d been lifted up. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I researched and it turned out it wasn’t something I could mull over for a month or four. It was either something I had to do RIGHT NOW or wait at least a year. I decided to take a chance on myself and on what my heart was wishing for so much more desperately that I realized.

I signed up to go through training to become a Les Mills BodyFlow instructor!

Yellow Sunshine by Breanne Leach Photography

And I’ve been given hope
That there’s a light on up the hall
And that a day will come when the fight is won
And I think that day has just begun, ooh

Somewhere, everybody starts there
You’re counting on a small prayer
Lost in a nightmare

But I’m here, and suddenly it’s so clear
The struggle through the long years
It’s hard for me to outrun my fears

But everything that’s worth having
Comes with trials worth withstanding

The Core by Breanne Leach Photography

Another reason this song is the perfect post companion? I first heard it during a BodyFlow class. I fell in love with it immediately… kind of like Flow itself.

I went through my initial training a little over a month ago and passed. Since then, I’ve spent even more time listening to the songs over and over (and over and over and over and over and over) again. I’ve been memorizing choreography. Studying. Scripting. Team teaching. Shadowing. I’m starting somewhere and sometimes counting on a prayer. My next step: a video assessment to finalize my certification. I know this trial, too, is worth withstanding.

I just keep reminding myself that the first time I taught the relaxation and meditation, I felt more ME than I have in ages. After each class, I have a sense of peace that I don’t get anywhere else. I’ve gained so much on my journey so far… and to paraphrase Kate, I know that it has just begun.


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