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I love eyes. I always have. It’s a weird proclamation, I’ll grant you, but I do. I know people that are terrified of eyes, so I figured if they can scare you, then it’s equally allowed to have them delight you. Maybe part of it is that I see my own eyes as my best feature. I love them. It’s not JUST that though…

The thing with eyes… they really are windows. When you know a person well, words don’t matter. “I’m great.” “I’m fine.” “Things are just really busy right now.” “I just got a new job.” These are just words. You can put in subtext reading them, but without knowing the person… or SEEING the person… you lose the real context.

Is that an “I’m great!” because he or she is really great? Or is that an “I’m great!” because he or she doesn’t really want to talk about what’s going on and they don’t expect you to want to hear the answer. In text, it’s hard to say. In the eyes, and especially in the eyes of someone you know, it’s not hard at all.

That “I’m fine” could be that the person doing well, but there isn’t anything terribly exciting to share and things continue to move along. That “I’m fine” could be the end of an argument saying “I’m don’t want to talk about it anymore.” That “I’m fine” could be a fearful proclamation an I don’t want to start crying so let’s change the subject proclamation, so “how are you?”

One of my favorite things about photographing small children… their eyes show you how they SEE the world as well. A flicker of excitement at seeing an animal or a moment of devastation and tears when someone takes two steps away… flickers often take place within seconds and don’t shy away from those nearby OR the camera.

It’s been said that eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s also been said that a photograph will capture your soul… so a picture like this? Maybe it’s a little bit of both?

Striking Eyes

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