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A Journey in the Making

I actually left most of this as a comment on this Enjoy Your Healthy Life post and decided that I should share it here on my own blog too (with a couple additions :))… many of you will already know most of this story, but it’s still an important part of why I am where I am right now.

My journey with fitness has definitely had ups and a lot of downs. I grew up dancing (tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop) and also did cheerleading for a number of years. I loved it and never thought of it as “exercise” (that was what we did in PE class and I *hated* it).

Then in college I took a couple dance classes for half credits before falling away from fitness almost all together. I walked a lot of hills AND STAIRS (my fellow Toreros will attest to that one!) on my college campus, but I almost never worked out.

Then, about a year after college, I decided to do an Olympic distance triathlon with Team in Training. I chronicled the journey here on the blog (you can read recaps in the TNT category and/or May through September 2008 archives) and it was definitely a pivotal moment. I’d always like to swim and ride bikes, but I’d always hated running… and this was all three! And far! And I’m fairly certain my parents thought I was crazy because I was the unathletic kid that hated PE growing up… heaven knows my grandparents did. 🙂 I did it though. I finished and I was SO proud of myself. It was incredible. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my team though.

Without a race to train for though, I lost a lot of motivation and mostly kept fit with the occasional run on my own or doing ballet in my living room. I liked both, but I was lonely and not nearly as motivated without people… so I joined a gym and started going to ALL of the classes that looked interesting to me on a weekly basis – yoga, zumba, aqua zumba, turbo kick boxing, and bodypump.

I went to most of the classes with my best friend, it was something we did together and we’ve both made a ton of friends through Group X. He became a BodyPump instructor and started teaching and I still took classes. When our gym expanded their Les Mills offerings, I fell in love with BodyFlow. It combined the group dynamic I loved, with awesome music and choreography, and the format just felt like “me.” I got certified in April and I just started teaching my own class (I’d been team teaching previously) this month. I was nervous/excited when I got up at 5:15am this morning to do a final prep for class and class went SO well today! I can’t wait to teach again.

It’s a journey that’s SO far from over… both in teaching and in general fitness. And those are a journey towards discovering the truest me there is.

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