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Disneyland Half Marathon 2012

A quick bullet point post so that I don’t forget the little things about the race and the weekend… I should have done this after last year’s first half marathon (but since it was the FIRST, it’s definitely more clear in my mind).

Mile 1


  • Finishing without as much training!
  • Finishing in spite of a sprain less than four days beforehand! (I seriously did not know HOW I was going to do it when I couldn’t bear weight on Thursday.)
  • Finishing 8 minutes faster than last year!
  • Seeing TNT signs and runners
  • Being with my best friends
  • Short lines at Disneyland afterwards
  • World of Color and Radiator Springs – the parts through the park were SO much better this year!
  • Friends on the course cheering us on!
  • People in general up early to cheer on the runners.
  • Fireworks to start the day!
  • Moving up a corral this year.
  • Disneyland. Disney. Enough said.
  • Certain songs coming on my playlist at just the right moment – We’re Dancing right around mile 12, One Step at a Time after Angel Stadium, the finale from Fantasmic in the last mile, and some BodyFlow at just the right moment to distract myself from running with choreography. 🙂
  • The finish line!

Best Signs:

  • McKayla is NOT impressed.
  • Don’t trip. Don’t vomit. Don’t die.
  • Go Stranger Go!
  • Worst Parade EVER
  • You look like a hot mess

Lessons Learned & Low Points:

  • Train more. Just… train. (The sprained foot was not a direct result of a lack of training this year. It was a misstep on my run.)
  • There is  A LOT to be said for RICE.
  • There is a lot to be said for Group X, teaching, and strength training – I may not have run as much as I should have, but I was still in great shape.
  • SORE muscles from lack of training – they’d still be sore, but they wouldn’t be THIS sore.
  • Hydrate more (aka don’t forget your water bottle on the run EVER again).
  • Rehydrate FASTER. (Run stomach/stomach cramps/headaches are the worst)
  • More vaseline/body glide – chafing SUCKS… Better than last year, but still room for improvement.
  • Carb loading is good, but not too far out of the realm of your NORMAL diet.
  • The Ramada might be out in the future… not a great experience this time. Also, we’ll book the hotel MORE in advance next year.
  • Mimi’s Cafe is DEFINITELY out.
  • The patio is the best place to sit at Rainforest – no wait!
  • Maybe do Disneyland on MONDAY next time.
  • Losing a camera sucks (not mine, but a friend’s – with ALL our pre & post-race pictures 😦 people should turn in lost items.)
  • The horses. Always the horses. Smelly. No offense horses.
  • Santa Ana River trail… dull.
  • More expensive this year – really Disney?! And you’re still not throwing in a park ticket?!
  • Nike+ getting the distance (and as a result pace) wrong AGAIN this year.

All and all? Success. I’m two for two with half marathons. It was a (mostly) magical, wonderful time. (Now if only I could speed up the sore muscle process…) I think round three might be in order.

Disneyland Half 2012

8 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon 2012

    1. Thank you! Some of my lessons were certainly RElearned, haha – like I knew going into it that I didn’t train as well as I had for past races, but they were still lessons learned and things worth sharing. Did you run DL this year?

      1. Alas no. I ran DL in 2010 as a follow up from WDW Goofy that year to receive my Coast2Coast medal. This past January 2012, I ran the WDW half and marathon relay and Tinkerbell as well. We will be going back in 2013 to run Tink again. I prefer the DL races over WDW. Perhaps because it holds such great memories for me. DL was my first introduction to Mickey as a wee 4 year old! I’ll never forget it. 🙂

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