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Disneyland Half Marathon 2013

A bit late… and clearly my blogging skills are lacking. So before I actually finish forgetting everything from the race that happened a month ago…



  • FINISHING!! Finishing, finishing, finishing!
  • Finishing when it was 77 degrees before the start and 100% humidity.
  • Finishing when it was probably almost 90 and about equal humidity at the finish
  • Finishing when my training was lacking (again)
  • Finishing when I had severe stomach problems at the start
  • See a theme?????
  • Seeing TNT signs and runners (ALWAYS)
  • Being with my best friends
  • Discovering Trader Sam’s – Seriously. SERIOUSLY.
  • Short lines at Disneyland all day
  • World of Color and Radiator Springs
  • Baby cow!!!
  • People up early to cheer on the runners – spectators make such a huge difference!
  • Sponge ice “shower” at mile 6 – loved that spectator!!!
  • Fireworks to start the day!
  • Disneyland. Disney. Enough said.
  • Certain songs coming on my playlist at just the right moment – I still remember hearing I Surrender right at the start and Clarity as I entered Angel Stadium.
  • Having only one “I want to skip this song” moment in my playlist
  • Running into old friends on the course
  • The finish line!


Best Signs:

  • $175 for a half marathon – $37.50 to go!
  • Run! Miley’s twerking!
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t believe in running, but he does believe in you.
  • I believe in you too Complete Stranger!
  • Don’t Stop Believin!
  • You still look prettier than a Disney princess!
  • Hurry Mommy! I want to go on Pirates.
  • Run ALL the miles!
  • DLF (Dead Last FInish) > DNF (Did Not Finish) > DNS (Did Not Start) – This was on a shirt.


Lessons Learned & Low Points:

  • Train more. Just… train. I didn’t learn this last time.
  • There is a lot to be said for Group X, teaching, and strength training – I may not have run as much as I should have, but it could have been worse.
  • Stomach issues, serious awful stomach issues
  • Finishing slower than last year and officially slower than both years (without the stomach issue bathroom stop, I think I beat the first year)
  • Phone dying at Mile 11 – no music in an already tough time! NOOOO.
  • SORE muscles from lack of training – they’d still be sore, but they wouldn’t be THIS sore. Stuck with Disney Day Of and it was the right choice (albeit painful)
  • Don’t over hydrate (over compensated from last year’s dehydration).
  • Did better with pre-race fueling, but I think it may have been a contribution to the stomach issues
  • Book the hotel ASAP – Discovery Inn, wow. On the plus, super close and the right price. NO coffee though.
  • Eat sooner – it helped so much and we were all more energetic.
  • Gym clothes to Disneyland – best ever. Next year, denim shorts are OUT (chafing! owwww!).
  • Santa Ana River trail… still.
  • More expensive again this year – really Disney?! And you’re still not throwing in a park ticket?!
  • The same medal. AGAIN.


All and all? Success. I’m three for three with half marathons. I nearly cried – that finish line was a hard fight. But I did it!

So, who’s ready for round four? Double Dare for 19.3??? We just might.

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