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It’s a (Half) Marathon, not a Sprint

You know the saying… it’s a marathon, not a sprint? In life, we can’t just jump out the gate most of the time. We have to start small and stay consistent.

What’s that other cliche? A little goes a LONG way…

Or how about everything in moderation?

How many times a week do you buy lunch? Grab a coffee or chai tea latte? Pick up an energy drink at the gym? Maybe you love your monthly manicure or that happy hour beer with your friends? It’s not that much when you’re used to spending it or when it’s just a few dollars at the time, right?

What if I told you that you could donate the SAME way?

The cost of your Venti Shaken Iced Tea (Black, No Sweetener, thanks :)) – $2.35
One iced tea a month to help CMNH for the rest of the year? $14.10
One a month until Race Weekend? $18.80

Your 6in Subway sandwich (with a drink and chips, duh) – $6ish
One lunch a month to help CMNH for the rest of the year? $36
Take me all the way to race weekend? $48

Margarita at Happy Hour (PLUS tip) – $5
Two happy hours a month for the rest of the year? $60
I can’t give up two this month, but two a month and a Dry January resolution? $85


I know we all have expenses, so I ask that you consider a very small donation, what might you not miss? And then click the monthly donation option. Carry that small amount forward through December or all the way to February. It’s a (half) marathon, not a sprint. 

And every step, every single step (and dollar), gets us closer to the finish line.


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