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Lessons In Running (1)

Last week after I signed up for my half marathon, one of the first things I did was read was reflect on my past races. I read my race reports from my last two Disney Half Marathons and one of the big things that stood out was the lessons learned (especially when some of those lessons learned were learned more than once).

So, after my first official training run this weekend (and first in quite some time), I have some new and renewed lessons learned. I did four miles at the beach, alternating sprints and speed walking, and it felt okay. I definitely have work to do.

Pacific Beach
Pacific Beach

Lesson #1: A run is the beach is always better. The view is perfect and the air is fresh. Sometimes, but not always, it’s much cooler. It’s nice and flat along the boardwalk, but there’s an option to add in resistance in the sand. This is definitely my happy place when I run. It can’t be every run, but it’s definitely my favorite. 🙂

New shoes!
New shoes!

Lesson #2: Shoes matter. My gym shoes are great. I love, love, love my Cardio Ultras for Sh’Bam and BodyCombat, but they are definitely not designed for distance running. It wasn’t a painful four miles by any means, but I knew I needed to get my booty to Roadrunner to double check my stride hadn’t changed and get new shoes and insoles. I know the difference that they make and while it’s certainly an investment, it’s a worthy and important investment. I would much rather pay for new shoes and custom insoles at the start of training than pay for doctors’ visits or deal with pain later on. Plus, they’re so cute! This is my first pair of Mizunos and I’m excited to run in them.

A pocket for my shoe?!

Impulse purchase!! I always tie my key fob to my shoe and it’s such a pain. I hope this will be as awesome as I expect it to be.

Final lesson???


Lesson #3: WEAR. SUNSCREEN. WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY TIME. I thought about sunscreen, I did. But then, I thought well, I’m going to go early and my run will be over before peak sun hours. I didn’t get out to the beach and find parking as early and quickly as I hoped. I still finished my run before peak hours, but then I met some friends for brunch and stayed out in the sun longer than anticipated. Sports bra tan lines are the worst and sunburns are no fun. This one doesn’t hurt so bad, but I definitely (re)learned that lesson.

I have an 8 mile race this coming Saturday that I’ve mostly just used my regular gym time as training for (see training lessons learned in past races, haha, oops). I’ll run a couple times to break in my new shoes this week before they get their big debut in the Balboa Park 8-miler. Then, it’ll be regular mileage building towards February. I’m not sure if/when I’ll adopt an official “training plan,” but for now I just plan to rebuild my base.

Fundraising Update: 21%!! I’m so thrilled and thankful for the support I’ve received so far. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I think there’s a lot of potential on the recurring donations and I hope some people will take advantage of that option. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lessons In Running (1)

  1. Ouch girl! Sunscreen is a must on the beach! I’ve never run in Mizunos. I’m more of a Brooks runner but then was converted into an Adidas Boost runner. Have you tried those? They are like running on clouds. I’m jealous of your beach views. I’m stuck in Missouri with nothing pretty like that 🙂

    1. I almost went with the Brooks Ghost 8, but decided to give these a shot because the Brooks felt a little stiff on top. Thankfully, because I have a VIP membership with the store, I can return the shoes even 90 days later if they’re not working out! WOW! I usually run in Saucony. I think the last Adidas I tried were high school cheer shoes, haha. I’ll have to look into the Boost next time. So far so good in the Mizunos, but this weekend will be the real test. I’m sure you have pretty trees and stuff in Missouri that I don’t have here, but I definitely do love that beach view. 🙂

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