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Why the Princess Half Marathon?

A better question, WHY NOT the Princess Half Marathon? 🙂

Real talk though…

I’ve wanted to do a Coast to Coast (C2C for those in the runDisney know… never C2C for my coworkers because there will be no Cactus or work on this trip) since I finished the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2011. DL Half was my very first Disney race, my very first half marathon, my very first race that was just running and also longer than a 10K. The group of us finished and all wanted immediately to do another race and thought about C2C one day! I thought, “I’ve always said that I wanted to go to Walt Disney World one day, what better way that to combine it with a race?!” My mother is probably shaking her head laughing, because vacations and exercise just don’t go together for her and also I was the daughter that wouldn’t even run across the soccer field during games at 7 years old. Full disclosure, every Disney theme park in the world is on my life bucket list, so you better believe I was excited when I saw that Paris added a race this year. Maybe by the time I get to all of them, they’ll all have races. I’ll start saving my pennies.

Truth be told, I thought the Wine & Dine would be the race that got me my C2C. I mean, first, WINE is right there in the name. Second, a night race?! How cool!? I’m not a morning person and am definitely a night owl. I can totally get behind a 10pm race start. Florida in the fall seemed like a good plan, ya know?

But then, the stars started to align and honestly, Princess was just perfect timing.

My family was planning a trip and it was going to be in February. They were going to be at WDW on my BIRTHDAY and I would have totally regretted not being at WDW on my birthday and being in my office instead. That’s some serious devastation. I remembered there was a race in February and realized it totally lined up with the trip my family was planning. The race was sold out and it didn’t even matter because I was looking for the stars and the stars were in line. I needed the motivation, the thrill, the spontaneity… and I needed the GOOD that comes from fundraising.

And so, while I won’t don a pair of glass slippers, I will don running shoes and sweat my way through my first peek at WDW. I’m even toying with the idea of upping the glass slipper ante through CMNH. Do you have a vote of confidence for $19.30? Because 19.3 might just be the magic number.


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