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Running Inside Out

So, I finally got on that Inside Out train! I have been wanting to see the movie for well, months now, and I finally got to see it on Sunday! I thought the movie was deep, amazing, funny, thoughtful, and OF COURSE it made me cry too. I can’t wait to own this movie and watch it so many more times. I’m pretty confident that I’ll learn something new every time I watch it.

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So, I thought I should use some Inside Out inspiration to talk about running. In case you haven’t seen the movie yet (you should stop reading right now and go see it), let me introduce to the main characters.

FullSizeRender 9

Alright, how do they feel about running?

ANGER: Dude, running shoes are EXPENSIVE! Anger is mad about that. Anger is mad when an injury slows us down and seriously hips, can’t you just be NORMAL?! Anger hates when we have to pause our workout because of a stoplight and don’t even get Anger started on hills.

FEAR: Guys, there could be a crack in the sidewalk. Like, you could fall on your face and die! Or did you see all of those rocks and that slippery dirt on the trail run? There are just too many what ifs for Fear. Fear can’t handle it. What if someone doesn’t see you and it starts to get dark? What if this neighborhood isn’t safe? What if your phone dies and no one knows how to find you? Fear gets worked up about it.

FullSizeRender 11

DISGUST: Sweat is gross. Sweat and dirt? Are you kidding me right now?! Ew. And if someone doesn’t clean up after their dog, Disgust and Anger are gunna start going head to head. Don’t even get Disgust started on gum on the ground. Seriously, yuck. And why does the sports bra always have to cause chafing? Really? She’s judgey this one.

SADNESS: Running is hard and it takes a long time to see progress. Sadness is sad about that. She’s sad when we have to take a walk break or when there are shin splints or aches and pains. She wants to just melt into the ground. Can someone drag her home? It’s hard to move and she’s tired. Thanks. We’re not going to win anyway.

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JOY: I mean, as we learned from the wise Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” (And, “happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”) Joy is the big cheerleader from the moment I lace up and through every step of the way. She’s super proud. And really, she’s totally loving that endorphin kick. She’s the reason we keep running and signing up for more races. Runner’s high, am I right?!

I might not have a clear head after a run, but I certainly have a lot of thoughts running with me. Who is dominant on your runs?

Images from the #insideout hashtag on Instagram.


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