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Les Mills Super Quarterly – El Segundo, CA

Where do I even begin? I’ve been silently crafting this blog post for days now and still don’t know if I have the right words to convey how fantastic the Super Q was on Saturday. So, I’m just going to go through every little bit of it. My apologies in advance if some of this gets super wordy or makes no sense. Many of the classes in this post I’ll probably spotlight on at some point because I take many of them regularly (like the one I did for SH’BAM™).

Les Mills Super Quarterly! I love Quarterlies. There is just such a rush spending all day working out with other people that “get it” and love it as much as you do. “You went on vacation… and spent all day at the gym?” YES and it was AWESOME. I mean, just LOOK at this schedule.

So, after months of anticipation and counting down, the weekend was FINALLY here – and a Quarterly in Southern California no less! Just after work on Friday, I picked up a friend and we made our way to LA (but first, a stop to “wait out traffic” and check out the 40% off sale at the Reebok outlet #duh). We met up with a couple other friends at the hotel when we got there and I got gummy worms! We hung out a bit in the room before calling it a night to rest up for our big day on Saturday.

BIG DEAL! I have missed gummies. I was diagnosed with a pork gelatin allergy last month and have been lamenting my inability to eat gummies (or have s’mores or have jello shots… ahem, even though I don’t do any with regularity, haha). My friend found these ones at the store and got them for me. Made in Turkey = the only ones safe to eat (beef gelatin instead)!

Saturday started bright and early with breakfast at the hotel and then heading just across the street to The Bay Club. GUYS. THIS GYM. It was seriously beautiful and also gigantic. We lined up with the other peeps and waited for registration to open. Picked up our swag (Les Mills/Reebok tank, water bottle, bag, and towel) and registration bracelets (signifying what classes we had signed up to take).

My agenda for the day. No GRIT for me because it lined up with classes I taught or classes I don’t have the opportunity to usually do – so those ones I definitely HAD to take. 🙂
With my awesome roomies! #onetribe

8:15 AM: KICK OFF!! We were all at our SmartSteps and had our warm up weight on our SmartBars (LOVE!) ready to go when Amanda and Will kicked us off. Amanda was such an awesome emcee all day.


8:30 AM: BodyPump™ 95. HOLY. SMOKES. It’s going down f’real. The presenters were fantastic. Plus a FULL room of Pumpers, it just always gives me goose bumps. This release is awesome and killer… especially when you use your “regular” weights, but you have a SmartBar instead. My regular gym has plates in pounds (2.5lb, 5lb, and 10lb) and the bars are pretty light (3lb). SmartBar plates are in kilograms (1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg) and the bar itself is heavier (3.4kg). So when your regular weight is “two larges” for squats (43lb), you’ve now got 51.5lb instead. Or when your normal back weight is “one of each” (38lb), you’re cleaning and pressing 44.75lb instead. Oh man you feel the difference! The struggle is real my friends. Plus changing up the timing and the way you’re working – recipe for sore muscles and an awesome workout! 🙂 As hard as it was though, I learned I could go up on some of my weights when I take regularly. 🙂 I think biceps or shoulders might be my favorite.

BREAK! None of us were taking BodyStep (real talk: the step SCARES me like woah, it’s an awesome class, but not for me, haha), so instead we took selfies for more swag (BodyPump gloves!) and had some snacks before our next class.


11 AM: Sh’Bam™ 21. Sh’mazing! This was definitely the highlight of my entire day. I have not stopped thinking about this class or this release and I cannot wait for autoship (quick aside: instructors receive their new music/new choreography once a quarter to learn and begin teaching during relaunch at their gym(s), so autoship is like Christmas when you get your link to download your new stuff) in two weeks so that I can do it again. And again. And again. It is just so dang good! The presenters OWNED that stage. They were incredible and I tried to absorb everything because they were just SO in the essence. The final track filled my inner dancer with SO MUCH JOY. Seriously, AH! I can’t stop sh’gushing.

12 PM: CXWorx™ 20. More awesome presenters. BRAND NEW ORANGE BANDS OF DEATH. Seriously, new bands are rough. The release is great. Track 2 is really all I’ve got to say.

LUNCH! And Education! I grabbed a quick smoothie (Almond Butter Cup, it will appear in my dreams) and headed back to the main stage for the Education portion. It was all about Layer 2 and Layer 3 coaching. I was so glad I had my phone on me so that I could take notes. Really good stuff.


1:45 PM: BodyVive 3.1™ 36. BodyVive is a class that I’ve only done one other time (also at a Quarterly). We just don’t really have it anywhere near me. It’s a great class, though parts of it aren’t really my style. I’d done a quick change out of sweaty clothes at lunch, so I was totally not wearing the right bra and had to take all the low options. Haha, keepin’ it real. You start out with some cardio, move into strength, and wrap up with core –>  three in one! We had more new orange bands of death. Yikes. It was fun to have presenters I’d already taken class from earlier and see them teach in a different style of class.

I had a quick break after and changed again into something that would work for the rest of the day. I knew that I wouldn’t have time to change in between and didn’t want to have to worry about rushing. I also went back to the hotel for my yoga mat.

3 PM: BodyFlow™ 70. I loved this new release. I’m excited to do the tai chi and balance again when I get my autoship, but otherwise I was just so immersed that I don’t have strong memories of some of the other tracks. This class came at the BEST part of the day. I was definitely fatigued and sore and needed the stretching big time. I nearly (or maybe actually) fell asleep during meditation. Awesome presenting, beautiful Flow.


4:15 PM: BodyJam™ 74. BodyJam is another class I don’t get to take very often, but I just love SO much because well, DANCE. This new Jam did not disappoint. We had the same presenters as Sh’Bam and they KILLED it. Unreal dancing. My legs were dying, but I managed to make it through. Haha.

5:30 PM: BodyCombat™ 65. SO. MUCH. ENERGY. I thought after Jam, especially really feeling the exhaustion in my legs, there was no way I had anything left for Combat, but the music was up, the presenters were awesome (duh, of course, ALL day, they’re all just so talented and totally on their game), the crowd was full of energy too, and I couldn’t help going full out on almost every track. I will not forget 2, 5, and 7. Nope. Those will be in my brain come relaunch when I next get to take them. CAR-DI-OOOOOOO.


We wrapped up the day and said our goodbyes right after Combat and it was back to the hotel for showers and then off to True Food Kitchen for our little group for dinner and drinks. Then more hanging out, chatting about our aches and pains and the awesome and epic day we’d all just had (we didn’t all take the same classes, but a lot of the same).

Les Mills US, thanks for another amazing Quarterly experience. I’m bummed I can’t be at OneLive next weekend. I know it’s going to epic.

Kia kaha! Be brave. Change the world. ❤️

5 thoughts on “Les Mills Super Quarterly – El Segundo, CA

  1. Hi Breanne! So glad you went to experience the Super Q! You selected some different programs than I did when I went to mine in May. First of all, Smartbars are awesome, and I wish that my gyms had them. Second of all, fitness events are SO worth traveling for and waking up early. Third of all, I wish I could try Sh’Bam one day. I’m jealous you’ve done all the new releases! Happy Friday, lady! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    1. Agree, definitely worth it every single time. I wish my gyms had Smartbars too!! Or that I could afford my own, haha. I heard we had the same Education as SF – I always love learning how to up my coaching game. My friends that took the new Attack said it’s REALLY good, I’ll be interested to hear your review in the coming months. To your third of all, you absolutely must try Sh’Bam one day! And it’s just getting better and better too! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Did you get star struck by any of the presenters? I always do when I go to quarterlies. I once met Jackie Mills, Glen, and Susan R at the Mega Q in Atlanta. Bummed you won’t be at One Live… I’ve got everything all booked. I can’t wait to see the new releases!

    1. Always a little star struck 🙂 But not as star struck as some other events (AIM 1 with Emma B last year and sitting with Rach at the Mega Q after party? Huge stars in my eyes!). But Nikki is freaking A-MAZ-ING at everything and it was so cool to take from Susan L after spending “so much time” with her by way of video (in the sense of drilling BodyFlow 65 into my head for launch and then AIM 1 last year). SO jealous you met Jackie! Ah! The dream!!! Glen would be cool too, but probably even cooler for you since you teach Pump. Susan R is awesome (and so is her husband). You will love the new releases, I’m so jealous you get to go to OneLive and super excited for you too! I’m sure it’ll be amazing!!!

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