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How Does Your Donation Help? (CMNH)

Six months from today, I’ll race. Six months from RIGHT NOW, the Princess Half Marathon will be a memory from the morning. CRAZY.

In some ways it still seems SO far away and in other ways I know that it’ll be here before I know it. I thought today would be a great day to remind you about the greater cause behind those miles.

But what can YOUR donation do? It can do a lot and go many places because your children’s hospital will put the money to use where there is the greatest need.

It costs anywhere from $3000 and $7000 for one chemotherapy treatment for a child, any donation could help offset those costs as CMNH hospitals provide $3.4 BILLION in charity care a year!

But I want a couple specifics! Okay…

Your $12 donation could help a hospital purchase a package of preemie diapers.

Your $90 donation could help a hospital purchase a pediatric blood pressure cuff and monitor. That’s only $18/month from now to the end of the year (or just under $3.5/week from now to race weekend)!

If you look up wish lists on your local children’s hospitals websites, you will see everything from crayons to rocking chairs to let the kids PLAY and minimize stress. Your gift can help do that too! But there are other ways hospitals might use their funds from CMNH too: researchtreatmentsambulances, and endowments that could continue to cover the cost of expanding a building or covering the salaries of the best physicians.

Click the bracelet to put your money where the miracles are and give children their happily ever afters.


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