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Put It On Paper [Planning & Goal Setting]

You’ve heard it a million times and just as many ways. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. If you fail to train, you’re training to fail.

I don’t want to fail. I want to meet or beat my goal time. I know it won’t be easy, but that’s why it’s a goal, right? I want to see what I’m capable of and I want to know that I’m capable of doing more than I’ve done before.

I have started running, obviously. Plus, I have my regular gym routine. But, I’ve also been researching half marathon training plans like CRAZY. The “problem” with most of the plans, is that they seem to assume you’re only ever running which is not and will not be the case for me.

I’ve used Google Calendar for as long as I can remember. I love it. It works for me. It keeps all of my recurring and new agenda items really well. I can overlay multiple calendars. But, I found it hard to wrap my mind around how to input a training plan into my Google calendar where I could see everything in my week, how to see it as an entity where I could see the puzzle pieces, and where to make the shift in my schedule if I need to move training days. It was too easy to look at it as just a week instead of several weeks.

So, after lots of mulling and researching, I decided to get a paper planner (choosing a planner was crazy hard) and then figuring out how to organize my planner was another challenge (um, I recommend Googling and NOT Googling paper planners because it’s amazing and also totally overwhelming and crazy).

I pulled up three different plans: Ellie Goulding’s half plan had tons of cross training in it and I loved that, Hal Higdon’s was the one that I used before and knew, and Jeff Galloway’s is well-researched and the official Disney plan with dates and plans (and he doesn’t discount cross training). The Galloway plan is also structured more on TIME spent running during the week and miles during the long runs. He also had different plan structures based on the goal.

So taking these three plans, I merged and adjusted and slowly washi-taped my way through “pre-training,” “official training,” and the transition/overlap needed to move from Princess to Pixie Dust. I kept the timed runs during the week with a couple options for distance every once and awhile. With a full schedule and as a slower runner, I can easier fit time into my schedule than distance. I kept the weekends almost exactly as prescribed. The only thing lacking in my training plan is rest days, haha. I know my body well enough to know when I need to take them, so I can just remove/adjust the taped plan when needed.

Slowly, I started to also fill in birthdays, vacations, holidays, and other things. There’s still work to do. But WRITING out my plan, SEEING it, made it real. It also made it achievable. I’m GOOD at checking things off of a list. I can totally do that. So, one step, one mile, one day, and one week at a time is how I’ll move from here to there. Hopefully, I’ll be reporting that I crushed my goal.


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