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Flashback Friday [On This Day]

I don’t always love the On This Day feature on Facebook. Some of the older posts, from when you couldn’t “comment” on a wall post and so the conversation went from wall to wall don’t make sense. Some remind you of sad things or annoying things… but this past week has ben epic and full of happy reminders getting me more and more excited for my races next year. Why’s that? I’ve only ever done the Disneyland Half Marathon and it’s always Labor Day weekend. I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgia and jealousy right now. Haha.

But let’s flashback, shall we?

Four years ago TODAY, I completed my very first half marathon.

FullSizeRender 3

There aren’t really words for the level of accomplishment I felt as a self-proclaimed (and probably other people proclaimed) non-runner. I’m still crazy proud.

The following year, I sprained my foot the Wednesday before race weekend. I couldn’t even walk on it on Thursday. I obviously still planned to race, but I did ultimately get clearance from a doctor first. Thanks, boss.

FullSizeRender 2

Wow! What a moment!

I didn’t get any screen grabs from the third half, but it’s where this blog last left off. I can’t wait to add more memories to my timeline. I’m even considering adding DL Half into the 2016 mix (because I am crazy want a blue Coast to Coast miss it why not).

Best of luck to my friends running it this weekend! I’m so excited for the two of you doing your first runDisney race, so excited for the ones that are there year after year that geek out with me, and SO excited for the one completing her first half marathon EVER on her birthday! Happy Birthday! And happy running to all of you! I hope your miles are magical!

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