The Rest Day Conundrum

Ah the Rest Day…

Sometimes, I am totally ready for my Rest Day and fully enjoy it. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, I’m all about a day off.

Sometimes, I take a rest day when I’m “not supposed to” and still enjoy it even if I feel a little guilty (like when I skipped my run last Saturday morning to head to my parents’ house). I stopped at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo on my way and picked up this tank that I’ve been wanting for a few months. (Side story: Stopping at the expo was equal parts brutal and amazing. I’ve done the DL Half three times and it was so weird to be stopping by, but NOT running! I was nostalgic and jealous, haha. It was also such fantastic inspiration for 2016. I loved seeing all of the runners sporting their shirts and medals from the 5k the day before and/or 10k that morning… plus all the kid runners!! Oh they’re so cute!! The buzz, the energy, it was definitely awesome, even if it did make me wish I was running.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, I got to hang out with my family all evening, including this cutie.

IMG_0364 raw fb
My nephew is the cutest of all time. Fact.

And then, there are the times when Rest Day comes around and I’m not ready. I don’t want to take it.

There’s that run I needed to get in or that class I always take or that choreography I needed to practice… or, or, or, or…

I recently came across this old article on Pinterest about recovery days and it was great to see where I’m doing well (protein! active recovery!) and where I need to work. I have recently put a huge focus back on my sleep, especially trying to shift my schedule to more morning workouts. It hasn’t been all good, but we’re getting there. It was good to see that on the list and foam rolling too. I love/hate foam rolling. I know it’s good for me and I try to keep it in my schedule, but I should definitely do more.

But the one that really caught my eye was #7. I knew that stress affected sleep and all that, but it was I never really thought about how it could affect muscle recovery and all that. I have so much going on that even long weekends I’m busy frantically trying to get everything in and stressing when I don’t get the house cleaned or meals prepped or work done, etc. I need to RELAX and enjoy those days off too (not to say I can be a total slacker), but I need to realize I can space out the chores and that stressing over the “to do” list won’t help, but slowly plugging through it and getting the things done that will make the rest of the week flow better will reduce stress in a bigger way (so I’m not frantically packing meals in the morning before work).

So, REST and also RELAX in order to RECOVER. Then, you come back stronger. 🙂 So, when’s my next Rest Day? I should probably figure that out. 😉

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