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How’s the weather? [I’m Feelin’ HOT HOT HOT]

Let’s get one thing straight from the start: I live in San Diego. I grew up not in San Diego, but in another Southern California beach town (primarily). I am SPOILED as heck by the weather (I pay rather dearly to be spoiled by the weather in fact).

People Watching
This was January 2nd several years ago. It was about 78 out and beautiful.

My yearly seasons tend to look like this:

  • Sunny and 74
  • May Gray
  • June Gloom
  • Sunny and 74
  • Santa Anas (aka the worst winds in the world aka Fire Season)
  • Sunny and 74
  • A few cold and rainy days (cold is 50s/60s; rain often results in Flash Floods and Mudslides)
  • Sunny again

Recently though, the weather has not stuck to this plan. Last year, we had a scorching May (100+) and brutal fires. Summer brought many more super hot days and ridiculous humidity (the South would be proud). As most people know, we had next to no rain and California’s drought has been getting worse and worse each year (water restrictions finally imposed this year). This year, May had pouring rain and so did July. But recently, it’s been sweltering.

Which is really the point of this post…

I cannot hang with lows in the 80s and humidity in the 70s (and highs in triple digits). See, the thing is, since we don’t have that weather here, we aren’t equipped. As in, most people don’t have air conditioning (because we don’t need it). They probably don’t even have ceiling fans. I’ve been melting for days and zapped of all energy.

You know that saying about how the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do?

Or how about the one about lapping everyone on the couch?

Last week, I had some bad workouts. I was the one on the couch everyone was lapping. Actually, that’s not true. I was the one in the gym where there was air conditioning, but I wasn’t running.

I got one run in last Sunday on my way home from my parents’ house. It was a beautiful coastal, hilly run, but HOT. I think it was about 90 (just before sunset). But that was the last one this week. Terrible.



It’s supposed to rain today, but then warm back up from the rest of the week. Thankfully, the lows are forecast in the low 70s, so the high 80s should be more tolerable. At the very least, I should be able to get some early morning or late evening runs in when it’s cooler. When it was 81 at 5:30am last week, it just wasn’t going to happen (reminiscent of the 2013 Disneyland Half, gross).

We are supposed to have LOTS of rain this winter though, so I should probably stop being a baby about the weather. Haha. Training doesn’t have time for that. Or suck it up and get on a treadmill. I did spend lots of time researching running in the heat and treadmill workouts last week. No, I still didn’t run. But this treadmill workout doesn’t look too terrible.

How’s your weather? Do you get Fall? I would love Fall. 🙂 Any treadmill boredom kicking tips for me besides Netflix? Any running in the rain tips? (Can I still have music?! Will my headphones short or phone die????!?!?!)

3 thoughts on “How’s the weather? [I’m Feelin’ HOT HOT HOT]

      1. I am in Africa for 2 weeks so right now the weather is very hot and humid. But I live in Canada so our summer is ideal weather to run in but it is cooling down already. Winter is tough though.

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