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Fundraising Goal: ACHIEVED!

I know I’m SUPER behind in blogging/updating (SORRY!), I promise that will change, but I wanted to pop in with a quick and important update.


That’s right, imagine this water bottle filled all the way up to the top! The glass is MORE than half full – in fact, it’s overflowing! 🙂

But don’t let that deter you from donating. You can still put your money where the miracles are because I’ll continue fundraising until the race and kids will keep living happily ever after with YOUR support. My new goal is to hit 150% or $1500. I think we can do it! I am so passionate about this organization and the work that they do to support local children’s hospitals.

I’m loving the opportunity to learn more about this awesome organization, raise awareness for their work, and help fund help fund some happily ever afters for kids around the country. I hope you are too!

Big thanks (ALWAYS) to all of you joining my journey… whether it’s by reading this small blog, checking in on half marathon training, donating, or sharing the cause/link with your friends/family.

I appreciate you!

Let’s keep the momentum going! (And keep the training momentum going too, haha.) Let the water bottle continue to overflow and send ripples into the world. 


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