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Lessons in Running [Socks Matter]

Can you guess where this post is going? Yup, BLISTERS.

So, it’s a new revelation out of nowhere that socks matter. No, no. That’d be much too easy. No, it’s the revelation of a girl that did exactly what she shouldn’t have done. She ran without socks.

So, you see, the “official” start of Princess Half Marathon training was a couple weeks ago – the week of my POT 10k. I have done SUPER well with sticking to my runs since it officially began (which if you know me or have read up, you know that’s an impressive feat). I was going to do a post about the official start of training, maybe I still will, but since we’re a couple weeks in that may not happen.

I had a pretty good run on Monday, but was still feeling that 10k and ran into some stomach trouble that ended up shortening my run.


So Wednesday last week, I packed my bag with the intention of running right after work and making up that extra time from Monday’s run. When the time came, I realized I forgot socks. I lamented over my lack of socks to a coworker and he in turn convinced me that I was being a baby and that socks aren’t necessary. Well, not fully convinced, but between our chat and the growing darkness, I didn’t want to take the time to go home, get socks, and drive somewhere where I could run in the dusk turned darkness. I would have lost too much time and would have been running in mostly dark instead of only half dark.

I decided I could totally run without socks.

The Run That Did Me In

Then, around mile 3.5 or so, my feet started hurting. The right one significantly more than the left one, but still both. Rather than stopping because I was back in my work vicinity and could call it quits, I kept running. I had a time goal for my training plan darn it! Yeahhhhhhhh, that was stupid idea number 2.

Since last Wednesday night, I’ve been hobbling around anytime I had real shoes on. Runs have gotten progressively slower. I just want it to be better already!

Saturday in my old high school’s neighborhood and one lap around the track (another .4 completed on the treadmill when I got to the gym for class)
Disney dreamin’ this morning on a SLOW painful 3.5 miles around my neighborhood.

Now I find myself Googling things like “how to treat blisters” and “how to recover faster from blisters” and “running blisters” because apparently 15ish years of ballet and other dance didn’t prepare me (or I’m just out of practice having not been in pointe shoes with any regularity since 2003). Apparently aloe vera helps, so that’ll be happening. Do you have any tips for me?

I have one tip for you: wear socks. Socks matter. Don’t ignore your instinct like me and run sock-free. Instead, keep a spare pair in your gym bag and if all else fails, adjust your training schedule. It’ll be fine, I promise. (At the very least, it’ll probably prevent you from limping and wincing all day every day.)

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