Disneyland Days

I went to Disneyland about a week and a half ago – the day before my Surfing Madonna 10k – and it was the perfect escape. I hadn’t been in ages and needed a little magic. I ended up getting a pass again for the first time in years knowing that I’ve got some races coming up in the next year (and therefore “automatic” trips) and I knew if I had the pass I’d make use of it. In fact, as I drove back to my place from my parents’ this past Sunday, I stopped just because I could. It was a strange sort of experience being there alone, but it was great to get pictures and not feel like I was holding anyone up. I even managed to stay long enough to see Fantasmic (I can’t believe it’ll be gone for TWO YEARS!) and see the brand new fireworks for the 60th. Magical.

I’ve taken some extra rest days this week, feeling pretty crummy, but hoping to get back at it today before I go into work.

IMG_0681 raw
IMG_0823 raw
IMG_1606 raw selenium wm
IMG_1511 raw wm
These next two are available for sale as prints in my Etsy shop. I’m considering adding some others as well. If you have a vote for any others you’ve seen, let me know. 🙂 I’m sure some other photos will pop up on the blog as time goes on too (such as over at the photo blog 😉 today).

IMG_1479 raw wm
IMG_1185 raw wm


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