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Learning Speed [800s and Speedwork Workouts]

First a quick recap, my 5-miler on Saturday turned into a 4-miler and a 1-miler (four before the gym and one after on the treadmill) on Sunday. I planned poorly with running on Saturday evening after my beach gym session. At least I got an awesome sunset out of it. 🙂

IMG_1933 raw wm

IMG_1927 sooc raw wm

I couldn’t get the sand off my feet and after finally feeling better with the blister situation I wasn’t going to risk it. I felt pretty good, but my speed was not awesome. I thought the cooler temps would help more than they did, haha. Still though, I was glad to have not lost too much after taking most of my week off from working out.

Tonight, I extended my normal 45 minute run to 60 minutes to make up for some of last week’s lost time and I went back to my old friend – the hill. The half mile climb. Oofda. I did four repeats and then some laps around the parking lot to make up the remainder of the time. I could still feel the congestion, but was surprised and impressed to see my time was a little better than the last time I did that hill repeat. Granted, it was probably mostly because it was WAY cooler, but hopefully some of it was because I’ve actually been training too. 🙂

By the way, does anyone else HATE when you forget to change your Nike+ back to outdoor from indoor. Such a bummer!

On the plus side, I run Runkeeper concurrently for the intervals.

Okay, the real point of this post? 🙂

I’ve got my first speed work workout on Saturday and I’m totally nervous about it. I’m always the turtle. I mean, I’ve certainly seen improvements in time and that’s obviously the GOAL, but I just mean that I’m really good at pacing. I can usually avoid taking off too fast or slowing too much after hitting a wall (depending on the weather…). But speed work? Well, this is a whole new game.

I’ve read and re-read the training guide. Standard warm up. Okay. Got it. 800 meter repeats at 15 seconds faster than half of goal mile pace (GULP). Walk for three minutes. Repeat. But what I don’t get is the four accelerations after the warm up before the 800s. Is anyone else doing the get faster Galloway plan? Or maybe did it in the past? Or maybe at least “gets it” on what I’m supposed to do? I’ve got four repeats this weekend. Maybe I can find someone to join me…

FullSizeRender 5
I’m accepting all advice. 😀

4 thoughts on “Learning Speed [800s and Speedwork Workouts]

  1. Good job on the hills! I still need to add hill training to my workouts. You probably already did your speed workout (catching up on my blog reading 🙂 ), but I have to say I am nervous before every speed workout too. It always amazes me when I am finished, though, that I was able to do it. You got this! Sorry, I can’t help you with the Galloway plan; I’ve been training with the plans in the Nike + app.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I did my speed workout last Saturday. I need to write about it. I’m behind in my blog writing AND reading (perhaps noted by my lack of commenting lately) so I feel ya. 🙂 It was awesome though and I totally surprised myself with the speed I got. Definite endorphin high 🙂 How are the Nike+ plans? I’ve always been curious about them.

  2. I did my first attempt at speed work last week and had a total disaster, went off too fast and then basically just couldn’t find the right pace! I’ll be trying again tomorrow night but can’t say I’m looking forward to it! I’m training for my first half marathon starwars on April next year!

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