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Catching Up

Oh, poor neglected blog!!

I’ll admit, it’s two part actual neglect, but it’s also one part WordPress crashing on my laptop every time I try to use it recently. If this post ever makes it to press, we’ll all celebrate!!

So, let’s play catch up!

Speed work!

  • I did my first speed work workout and it went really well! I mean, except for the part where I couldn’t use the track and had to do my laps around the basketball court. I was supposed to do each 800m speed part (programmed as a 1/2 mile on my Runkeeper app since I couldn’t count laps on the court) at 15 seconds faster than what my 1/2 of my goal mile pace would be and then walk three minutes before doing it again.
  • I did every single one FASTER than my goal!! I couldn’t even believe it!
  • The second speedwork workout didn’t go AS well, which I mostly attribute to allergy congestion, but it still went alright.

Running lately…

  • So, I got my 7 miles in and then after my last speed work run I sort of fell out of running. Oops. I haven’t run in two weeks. My hip flexors started flaring up big time and so I’ve been doing other modified workouts. Hoping to get back out there ASAP! I missed my 8 mile, so I’ll need to modify my overall training progression.
  • I received a recommendation for Chi Running (Chi Marathon is the newer version of the book) to help me improve my stride. I’ve heard this can make a world of difference with hip pain, so I’m crossing my fingers.
  • Daylight Savings is seriously killing me. I’m not a morning person and I basically hate working out in the morning. I used to do most of my runs after work, but now it’s dark after work. Do you see this dilemma??? It’s definitely an influencing factor with running lapse too.

Mini Quarterly!

  • Other workouts!! We had a Mini Q in my city for Les Mills. I got to take the next releases and go to Education sessions for the upcoming releases at the Mini. Man oh man, I cannot even REMEMBER the last time I was THAT sore. Seriously, I started to question whether I was injured. That didn’t help the running either, lol. Nope, it was just good old-fashioned SUPER SORENESS. My hamstrings and glutes got a serious butt-kicking from either Sh’Bam, BodyPump, the BodyPump education session (squat drill), BodyFlow, or the BodyFlow education session (technique)… or the combination of all three, haha! Get ready LM peeps – those releases are gunna hit us hard in January! I’m excited for the members to experience them. I’ll try to write more on the mini in an upcoming post!

Alright, that’s a quick catch up recap! Hope you’re all doing well! I haven’t had the chance to even READ blogs lately, so it’s not just my reading that has suffered. I can’t believe 2016 is almost here – and Princess is only 67 days and some odd hours away!

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