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Goals: Better When They’re Fun-Sized

One of my favorite children’s books is Amy Krouse Rosenthal‘s Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons. Although, I’m equally enamored with One Smart CookieSugar Cookies, and Christmas Cookies (unpictured ’cause it’s not Christmas anymore, duh).


Have I told you about how I love children’s books? Oh, I have. If you ever need recommendations, let me know. I’ve spent hours upon hours in the children’s sections of bookstores and libraries.

Okay, let’s not get distracted.

What do I love about Cookies? I love that it defines these words that can be hard for kids (and even some adults) to grasp in a way that’s relatable and easier for them to understand. Plus, who doesn’t love cookies?


So just like how big ideas and concepts or tricky words and definitions get broken down into easier pieces, I’m realizing more and more that we also need to break down our goals into easier pieces in order to reach said goals. I probably should have already known this given that Mary Poppins taught me all about a spoonful of sugar many, many moons ago, but apparently I need things to be repeated … repeatedly.

I read a great blog post earlier this week and I LOVED how the author recapped her previous week’s goals and status and listed her upcoming week’s goals. I have my yearly goals set out in a written list in my planner and I review that list often. The thing is? I know I’m still missing the mark on some of those yearly goals and I think the step I’m missing is intentionally breaking down those goals into smaller weekly and/or daily goals.

I’ve realized in reflecting this week that the goals I’m on track with are goals that I have unintentionally been working toward in bite-size pieces.

One of my goals for the year was the PR at the Princess Half Marathon. I did that last month. I had a training plan. Did I follow it perfectly? No. But, I still worked toward my goal of PRing every single week. I had that weekly view of my goal whether I realized it or not.

Or, do you remember when I started fundraising for CMNH last summer? Every little bit mattered and it added up in a big way. I employ that same “every little bit matters” technique in my own finances. I have tiny automatic transfers set up from my checking to my savings. Sometimes, I feel silly when I tell people about my little weekday transfers, but they totally work! It’s a doable amount for me and because it’s automatic, I don’t have to think about it. By the end of the year, I’ll have met or exceeded my yearly goal towards my savings (provided I can actually keep it all in savings, ha) and I hardly have to think about it.

In the same vein, I also just started using DIGIT last week after getting several recommendations over the last couple of months. It has already saved me $17 that I wouldn’t have saved myself with my own little plan. Two bite-size ways to get to my yearly goal. I intentionally found ways to save that work for me, but I didn’t intentionally map out that goal in bite-size bits.

So, when I next review my goals, I’m going to look at how I can break them down into weekly and/or daily goals. It’s a goal for my goals.

For example, one of my yearly goals is to organize my laptop files. Um, hmmm, ha…. well, that’s an overwhelming undertaking and it’s definitely not something I’m going to accomplish in a single sitting. That right there is a goal of biting off more than I can chew. So, perhaps as a weekly goal I can start brainstorming HOW I want to organize (for example, my photos are super organized by year, then month, and within the month with a specific naming pattern (date and what)). That smaller goal would get me down to a bite-sized bit and if I call it fun-sized, it’ll be fun too. Right? Please say yes. 🙂

How do you keep yourself on track with your goals? Do you break them down? And if so, how do you break them down? Complete steps that you can check off or just smaller bits towards an overall goal?

And do you have any good children’s book recommendations? 😉


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