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Ditch Doubt

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about comfort zones, doubt, fear, and taking chances. If you follow me on Instagram (@bleach226), you’ve perhaps noticed the #ditchdoubt theme.

That nagging voice inside that tells you it’s safer to stay inside your comfort zone? That’s Doubt. Doubt tells you over and over again that you shouldn’t try because OMG WHAT IF?! Doubt isn’t mean, belittling, or inherently negative, but Doubt is afraid of what’s out there. Doubt is uncertain. Doubt doesn’t want to fail and so Doubt doesn’t even want to RISK the possibility of failure.

I can’t blame Doubt. Who likes failure? Not me.

But, and I know it’s been said about a billion times, nothing great ever came from comfort zones. They’re comfortable for a reason. Sometimes, they’re not even comfortable, but change is scarier than the discomfort.

I wouldn’t have become a BodyFlow or Sh’Bam instructor if I hadn’t pushed my way past Doubt. Doubt stood in my way when I signed up for my triathlon and again when I signed up for my first half marathon. Doubt whispers in my ear when I have a new idea or when I head out on a photo shoot. Doubt makes me question whether I can complete the Pixie Dust Challenge next weekend (next weekend?! already????).

Ignoring Doubt is necessary. There are grand adventures and amazing things out there. They may require persistence. They often require pushing past the fear. At the end of the day though? You won’t wonder “what if” and that’s enough sometimes.

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