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Happiness is the Perfect, Lazy Way to Saving Avocados

Avocados 3 headline

When I was in middle school, my parents’ growing up friends and their kids came to visit us in Southern California from Kansas. We went out to eat at one of the best local Mexican food restaurants. As per tradition, my siblings and I begged my parents to let us order guacamole.

The Kansas kids promptly asked, “What’s guacamole?”

“It’s made with avocados,” we said.

“What’s an avocado?”

WHAT?! We were shocked they didn’t know what avocados were. Perfect, creamy, delicious, amazing avocados were a mystery to these midwestern kids. As it turned out, avocados weren’t the best in Kansas. They were expensive and not ripe the way my parents’ friends knew they should be having grown up in our Southern California town. So? They just didn’t buy them.

I decided that day that I would never move to Kansas.

I love avocados. I love everything about avocados. I love them on their own. I love them with a dash of salt and pepper. I love them smushed up and made into guacamole. I love them sliced on burgers, sandwiches, tacos, or anything really.

Is there anything better than cutting into an avocado and seeing this?

Avocados 1 copy

Perfect (even if my cutting isn’t). Then you happily use some of it (okay, sometimes all of it, but then you don’t need this tip).

Avocados 2

But now what? You don’t want that other perfect half to be ruined. You can’t just let it go to waste!

There are tons of suggestions out there. Put it in a plastic bag and suck the air out of it. Run water, oil, lemon over it. Put it in a container with onion. Save it with the pit.

Some of these tips work better than others (onion works GREAT, water sucks). Unfortunately, these methods take varying degrees of effort and I just don’t have that effort in me when I’m ready to dig in to that half I’ve put on my plate. I don’t want to take the time to brush my avocado in oil or lemon juice. I don’t like onions AT ALL, so the chance that I’ll have one in my house is slim to none. ASIDE: I also don’t want to take the time to take properly lit photos. There are avocados waiting to be eaten!

And so out of sheer laziness (and also a desire to not alter the flavor of my avocado) grew my favorite way to save an avocado.

Put it back together. Now, go put it in your refrigerator.

WHAT?! That’s it? That’s it. Put the pieces back together. Ta da! Nature’s perfect way to save an avocado and no waste.

Avocados 3

Now sure, you could go a step further and put it in a container, a bag, or wrap it in plastic wrap. If you do a poor job cutting (like I sometimes do), they’ll help keep that seal on your avocado even better. These steps won’t hurt, but they’re more steps.

Then, the next day when you go for more avocado, you take it out the fridge and it looks like this:

Avocados 4

Look at that! This was overnight, but it still looked like that when I got to lunch time. Obviously your mileage may vary, but I find that it works perfectly for me 99% of the time. Plus, it’s easy. I like easy. I like easy almost as much as I like avocados.

So, that’s it. Open, eat, put back together, and eat again.

Avocados 5


Do you like avocados? How do you store them? If you make guacamole, which method do you use? It’s hard to get that dipping goodness back into a shell. What hacks do you use in the kitchen?

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