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Look Forward: 3 Easy Ways to Ditch the Post-Race Blues

The post-race blues are real.

If you’d like, see what Sadness has to say about them.

You spend weeks, sometimes even months, planning, preparing, and anticipating that race weekend. Then, in an instant, it’s over. The blues creep in and you lose the motivation to do, well, anything. Maybe you’re even thinking to yourself, “but I’m not even a runner! I didn’t even run before this! This was supposed to be a one time thing anyway!”

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t or aren’t a runner (or a triathlete or a swimmer or…). It’s about your energy. You had that one thing to work towards, that one thing to look forward to, that one thing to focus on. Now, you don’t. Now, it’s in the past.

So, now what? How do you beat the post-race blues? Look forward.

#1: Set a goal. ANY GOAL.

What did you want to do while you were training? Did you want to run faster? Set a goal to improve your pace. Did you miss hanging out with your friends on Friday nights? Set a goal to spend more time with them since you don’t have to get up early on Saturday mornings anymore. How’s your cross-training? Maybe you’ve been wishing you could lift more and get stronger. Set a goal. Fitness-related or not fitness-related – set a goal and work towards it. Give yourself something to focus on.


#2: Trust your routine.

Here’s the thing… I’m not a runner first. In fact, I still hesitate to call myself a runner most of the time. But, run I do. My happy place is well documented at the gym or in classes. So, how do I get past those post-run blues? I get back into my routine. It’s safe and comfortable, sure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be challenging or fulfilling. The best part? If you take classes at the gym, there’s a good chance your friends in class KNEW about your race and they WANT to hear about it. Brag on friends! Relive your experience and get your workout it while you’re at it! 🙂

#3: Find something new.

Now, this can be anything. It can be related to #1 up there with a new goal… but it can also be something new altogether. Maybe you want to take a photography class at the local community college or learn robotics… great! Now you have free time! OR… MAYBE…

You need a new race. In fact, some people sign up for a new race before there event just to have that next thing already lined up – I know that has certainly helped me this year! I’m definitely looking forward to returning to the Disneyland Half Marathon in September and have been from the moment my Tink Weekend ended. It’s so good to have something new to line out in your planner with a clear training plan. New race, new location. Old race, new experience. It doesn’t really matter. It’s something to look forward to again – anticipate, train, focus, plan. The key ingredients are all there.

But HOW do you find a new race? Well, if you’re a runDisney person that only wants Disney… there’s your spot. I love runDisney, but sometimes I want something new. I live in a city with a strong running community AND I have a LOT of friends into fitness (whether they’re certified professionals, passionate athletes, or dedicated charity volunteers), so I have learned about most races on Facebook. Some FB things I learned came from friends (like the Rock N Roll series), some from groups I’m in  (like learning about Surfing Madonna last year in a runDisney group), and some were sponsored ads (like Balboa Park 8-Miler last year)… In fact, I’m currently contemplating the Craft Classic BIG TIME because of a recommendation from someone I know on Facebook. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’ve managed to talk myself out of RNR SD in a few weeks.

But, there are also places you can search for events.

You can find a whole host of events on EventBrite and their search function is SO easy. Top of the list for me is that Bolt to the Q, I’ve always wanted to do it. Plus, it can triangulate your location if you search from your phone and adding tickets to your iPhone is second nature, right? 😉 I like easy and I like familiar.

You can also search on Active and they’ll give you slew of virtual race options as well. Speaking of virtual, I’ve recently heard awesome things about the Hogwarts Running Club and how it is doing #somuchgood (highlighted most especially by how runDisney’s Virtual Short series is “benefiting” LLS). I’m thinking of looking into it even though I tend to be skeptical and frustrated by virtual events crowding my searches typically. If you’re looking for chip-timed races in specific locations (especially if you’re in search of that proof of time for an even bigger event), runningintheusa.com and roadracerunner.com can both be great resources.

Maybe you want to set a goal AND do something new at the same time by HOSTING your own real or virtual event? I’ve heard awesome things from friends that ran for charities about hosting their own virtual races to raise money for the charity they are racing for in their “real” events, but I wouldn’t have a CLUE as to how to get started with something like that!! Thankfully, if I race for charity again (and history says I probably will), EventBrite has event planning software that can totally help me out. 🙂

So there you have it, three ways to ditch those post-race blues and start looking forward again. 🙂

Have you experienced the post-race blues? How did you get past it? Have you used EventBrite to register for a race yet? One of these other sites? Are you in HRC? What can you share with me about your experience?

3 thoughts on “Look Forward: 3 Easy Ways to Ditch the Post-Race Blues

      1. Hahaha – leaving comments from the phone is always a tricky situation! Autocorrect fails.

        I want Tink weekend again too and the adrenaline of doing the challenge was insane. RnR in Vegas should be fun though from what I’ve heard. Have you done that one before? What distance are you doing?

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