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How Do You Measure A Year?

Even if you aren’t big into Broadway, you probably recognize that title. Perhaps you even sang it to yourself?

525,600 minutes. 525,000 moments so dear.

So, how do you measure a year? 

For 2016, I seem to be measuring the year in race miles: 13.1. 19.3. 13.1. 19.3.

Did I tell you I was doing the Disneyland Half in September? I can’t remember. But oh yes, there’s another one more challenge coming my way this November too. One of my good friends that I ran the Pixie Dust Challenge with last month suggested the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge in November… then, together we decided to fundrace it. Fundrace? It’s a race (or two). It’s fun. It’s a fun race. Also, we’re fundraising. Fundrace.

How do you measure five years?

For the Kellsie’s Hope Foundation, the non-profit foundation I’m partnering with in my fundrace, they may tell you that they measure five years as the amount of time since they lost their precious Kellsie in her fight against cancer. Five years earlier this week, in fact. They will also tell you the foundation is celebrating its 5th year. Kellsie’s light seems to shine as bright as ever through the mission and work of the foundation. Her HOPE and her WISH is giving other children and their families support through nursing scholarships, pediatric cancer research donations, gifts and treats for children’s hospitals, and granting wish trips for kids and their families.

How do you measure ten years?

The day after I race the Super Heroes Half Marathon, the day after the Infinity Gauntlet Challenges has been completed, will be the day that marks 10 years since the world lost a remarkable light. It was one of the first things I thought of when I saw the dates for the race weekend.

Courtney has been an inspiration to me since she first fought and beat cancer when we were in high school. While we were never super close and we lost touch after graduation, she remained an inspiration in my life through the way she lived and the way she fought. She continues to be an inspiration with her angel’s wings. She was the reason I signed up for Team In Training and participated in my very first endurance event in 2008. She was the reason I selected Children’s Miracle Networks when I fundraced the Princess Half Marathon. She is on my mind every time someone mentions leukemia or childhood cancer. She will be on my mind through every bit of training and fundraising for the Kellsie’s Hope Foundation and I hope to continue to honor her memory.

Measure in love.

Will you partner with me, with us the Most MARVELous Team, in HOPE? Will you be the SIDEKICK for all those SUPER HEROES fighting to kick cancer to the curb? Together, impossible is possible.

Every penny is measured in love. No donation is too small. 

Thank you. ❤



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