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Of Long Absences and Other Things

Well, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written. Apparently.

The thing is? I’ve had things to say. Like, it’s been a busy year. Not in the “it’s been busy” excuse style (although for SURE I could use it), but in the stuff happened sense.

There was A LOT of running and training. There was the Disneyland Half Marathon (which I have notes on somewhere and will recap). There was the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge (I still don’t know any Super Heroes, but I plan to recap this too). And now the Pixie Dust Challenge is upon us again in just a few days. Do you think I need to recap the previous races before I can recap this one?

There was fundraising and more fundraising for Kellsie’s Hope Foundation and I REALLY need to talk about the amazing work this foundation does. This will happen soon. I owe it  to them. And you.

There was bullet journaling. And then falling away from journaling for all of April basically. This was also the way of meal prep. I need to get back on track there.

There were two visits to the theater to see Finding Neverland and there may not be words to describe just how much I loved it so this *could* be the extent of that recap. Okay, probably not.

What else? CXWorx initial training and subsequent certification. The Les Mills San Diego Super Quarterly and now planning for Les Mills Live in Philadelphia!

There have been tap and jazz and ballet classes.

And in between, lots of photos, visits with family, sunsets, trips to the beach, an adorable new niece, a still adorable nephew, several books read, a nice slip at an ice rink, and probably other adventures I’m already forgetting.

And that’s exactly why I need to start writing again – so that I don’t forget the things that I want to remember. And, well, I may or may not expand on the above in future posts so that I can remember what I can still remember. Bare with me as I chronicle the past and present simultaneously.

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