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Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend 2017 {the Expo}

It’s a racecation recap! In a timely manner!! I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

My friend and I both taught our respective gym classes on Friday morning (me: BodyFlow; her: BodyPump, BodyCombat… and a surprise GRIT Strength sub) before we headed up to Anaheim on Friday afternoon.

Out first stop was our hotel. We stayed Best Western Plus Pavillions on Katella this time which was a new-to-us hotel and it was SUCH a great choice. After we checked in, it was a short 15-20ish minute walk cutting across the Downtown Disney parking lot to the Disneyland Hotel for the Expo. A “how I plan” post will come because I don’t know about you, but I like reading those kinds of posts.

I found the (short) bib pick-up lines to be moving a little slower than normal, but otherwise the process was smooth for bib pick-up. I’d seen photos of some INSANE lines on FB, but I was pretty thrilled to not experience that. After picking up bibs, we headed for shirts, and then it was time to enjoy the Expo!

I had a few goals for the Expo: 1) get a running belt, 2) stop by the Galloway tent to check-in with the pacers, and 3) pick-up some Sparkly Soul headbands for a friend (and okay, probably for myself too). We wandered through the rows in order arriving at Sparkly Soul first, but since I needed to wait to confirm the color selection with my friend we continued on.

I’d done some research on different belts and even tried some on, so I had an idea what I was looking for when I got to the Spibelt booth. I knew I wanted two pockets so that I’d have the option to get some stuff out without having to worry about the things I knew I’d never touch while running. I tested the size of the pocket first to see if my phone fit and then the belt for comfort and adjustability. Then, when the employee asked me if I needed help I asked her if they had any of the two pocket ones with them as I’d seen them online. They did, but she did even better for me. I did look at the double pocket, but it turns out they sell SINGLE pockets separate from the belt! She noticed the color I was looking at and mentioned the singles in case I wanted the fun print. I’m boring and I didn’t, haha, but it meant that I could get the water resistant pocket I’d seen online AND still make it a double pocket! Plus race bib toggles! With the expo discount, I got a great deal AND everything I could wanted. Benefits of purchasing in person!

SIDEBAR: You may have seen my Roo Sport in past race recaps. I still love my Roo, but sometimes my phone just makes it a little too heavy and it pulls my pants down. #truestory So, since I had to limit my running clothes to clothes with drawstrings I could tighten, I wanted a belt to expand my wardrobe. And I know they say nothing new on race day, but I teach fitness classes with a mic belt regularly so I didn’t anticipate it bugging me.

We headed back to Sparkly Soul where we each got two bands (me, my friend, and the friend not present). We can’t help ourselves. They’re SO cute and literally the best headbands because they actually stay on. #smallmiracles I got a green (Tink!) and teal (because it’s in my color palette).

We continued through the Expo and I resisted temptation at the runDisney official merch booth. I told myself that if I wanted any of it enough to come back Saturday, I could (I didn’t). They were SUPER well stocked though and even closing in on evening hours on Friday, my friend was able to get a 19.3 magnet. It didn’t look like they’d run out of anything at that point and they seemed to be well stocked enough for Saturday’s crowds as well.

After the Expo, we headed over to Trader Sam’s for dinner. A burger, some sweet potato fries, and a nice cocktail is possibly my most favorite pre-race meal. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for our early wake-up call. Although, I didn’t ultimately decide WHAT to wear until the wee hours of the morning.

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 18

Well, this post has gone on long enough. Next up, 10K recap (including wardrobe selection)!

Did you run at Tinker Bell weekend this year? What’s your favorite pre-race meal?

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